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Mission Statement

The Intramural Sports program strives to provide a full range of regular leagues and special events designed with student interests in mind. It should emphasize ideas such as better health and physical fitness, improved inter - group and social relations, teamwork and leadership skills, good sportsmanship, promote better cultural/gender awareness, and be aware of the ever-changing field of campus recreation.

Player Conduct Code

It is each player’s responsibility to display a positive attitude and demonstrate good sportsmanship while participating in any IM activity. Not all games or official’s calls will go your way so keep your cool and remember that officials are there to secure a fair competition between teams/players. Any player or team guilty of poor conduct will be disciplined immediately by ejection, suspension or other action(s) as to be determined by the Intramural Sports Director. It is not the IM program’s desire to eliminate competition but to promote fun and healthy exercise. It is each player’s responsibility to see that he/she conduct themselves in a proper manner. We are all out to have fun and it is import ant to remember that one person who chooses to forget that can ruin an activity for all.

Team Captain’s Duties

Each IM team entered into competition must have a designated “Team Captain” who shall be responsible for the following:

  1. Know the “Eligibility Rules” of the IM program as well as the IM Rules for their sport.
  2. Make sure that each team member reads the “Intramural Participation Waiver” and fills out the required information BEFORE playing their first game.
  3. See that all team members understand the “Player Conduct Code” and maintain proper conduct during all IM activities.
  4. Make sure that all team members cooperate with game officials and I M staff.
  5. Inform all team members of upcoming games during league play as well as during the playoffs. The IM Office does not phone teams of league or playoff game times and locations. It is the captain’ s responsibility to find out and inform their players.
  6. Notify the IM staff of any conflicting dates or times before league schedules are set.
  7. Represent their team as needed when discussing any IM matter with the IM staff

General Eligibility Rules

  1. It is each Team Captain’s responsibility to make sure all of the players on his/her team meets the CCS IM Eligibility standards. Any team or player found in violation of any of the following rules will be declared ineligible for further IM competition.
  2. All IM activities are open to any currently enrolled CCS Student, Faculty or Staff. Alumni are NOT eligible to participate in IM activities unless they have registered for non - credit facility use.
  3. It is not the IM programs policy to check the eligibility of each player. Player eligibility will be checked upon the request of any IM team captain, co - captain or IM staff member. It is each team captain’s responsibility to assure that all team members meet these eligibility requirements.
  4. A person may participate in as many IM activities as they wish, however, they may not participate on more than 1 team in any single league.
  5. Once a player has played on a team in a specific sport, they may not change teams without the consent of the Intramural Sports Director. FREE AGENTS are allowed one team change as long as they first get the approval of the Intramural Sports Director.
  6. Team captains only may add players to a roster and they must do so in the presence of the Intramural Sports Director. All players must sign the roster/ waiver form prior to playing in any IM contest.
  7. Team s may add eligible players at any time during the regular league season. Once the league begins playoffs, no new players may be added to the roster.
  8. Players must have played in at least 1 league contest to participate in the league playoffs.

Postponements and Rescheduling

  1. Postponements due to weather conditions or any other factor will be determined by the Intramural Sports Director.
  2. When conditions occur during a scheduled IM activity, the game official(s) will confer with the Intramural Sports Director in charge to determine if play should be stopped.
  3. Re - scheduling of an IM contest may be approved only by the Intramural Sports Director. If a game canceled due to weather can be replayed we will try to do so if time permits. Player safety will always be the primary factor when determining playability.


Protests based on any official’s judgment will not be allowed. Only protests based on official’ s incorrect interpretation of the rules will be heard. These protests must be made in person to the Intramural Sports Director.


  1. Forfeits may be declared 5 minutes after scheduled game time if one or both teams do not have the minimum number of players required to start a game. The Intramural Sports Director has the option of allowing additional time if they feel it may help avoid a forfeit.
  2. A team that forfeits a 2nd time during league play is not eligible for playoff competition.

Accident/Injury Policy

The Intramural Sports Program, Community Colleges of Spokane or Spokane Community College will not assume responsibility for any injuries incurred while participating in any IM activity beyond the coverage extended to students under the school’s policy regarding student health.


Spokane Community College does not provide medical, hospital, catastrophic injury or any other type of insurance designed to cover IM activities. It is each student participant’s responsibility to provide his or her own insurance either through an outside agency or through the CCS Stu dent Health program. Those that take part in activities without maintaining a proper coverage on themselves, others they may injure or cause any type of damage become solely responsible for the payment of those items. The CCS Intramural program strongly suggests that all participants maintain an insurance policy that will cover them in the event of any type of occurrence mentioned above.

Player Ejections/Suspensions

  1. Any player ejected from any IM contest or guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct during any IM activity will be declared suspended for a game, sea son, quarter or year by the Intramural Sports Director, dependent upon the circumstances and severity of the incident in question. This suspension extends to any and all teams the suspended player plays on. Ejected players or a player on suspension must schedule a meeting with the Intramural Sports Director before the suspension will be lifted.
  2. Any player ejected for a second time during any IM contest shall be declared suspended for the remainder of that quarters’ activities regardless of how many teams they are playing on. This suspension will continue through the playoffs of the quarter in which the player was ejected. 3. Any player ejected for any reason during the playoffs will be ineligible for the duration of the playoffs in that particular sport. Rule #1 also applies to these players.


Every effort will be made to train and prepare student officials for IM competition. However, participants must remember that the burden for clean and competitive play rests entirely with the players. Any person showing disrespect towards any IM Official will be disciplined according to the Intramural Sports Director. Profanity by any player will not be tolerated.