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A student wearing a welding mask fabricating and/or manufacturing a piece of technology on a welder's table.

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    Russell Schluter

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    Spokane Community College Colville Center — Industrial Training Center



    If you are good with your hands, like to solve problems and have a knack for understanding how things work, consider a career in the manufacturing industry. 
    As our world’s manufacturing facilities become more sophisticated, so must the people that work in them. In this program, you’ll learn basic to intermediate processes on new, state of the art manual mills, lathes, a CNC milling machine, and a CNC plasma table in order to complete a variety of projects in numerous industries. Acquire basic to intermediate skills in welding, hydraulics (pressurized oil), pneumatics (compressed air), and electrical maintenance to troubleshoot and maintain equipment in a variety of manufacturing settings. Acquire the skills to read blueprints in order to build or repair parts and equipment. Be trained in the importance of shop and tool safety, and how it is applied in multiple industries. 
    Whether you want to work in lumber/timber, heating and cooling coils, or boat manufacturing facilities, for a utility company or in a fabrication shop, this program prepares you for many excellent opportunities in the tri-county area and beyond.