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Software Development

Are you interested in coding and computer software? Have you ever wanted to build your own website or your own app? Software development could be the right career for you.

In this program, you'll develop the planning and coding skills necessary to create software for various devices. You’ll be exposed to a wide variety of coding languages and environments. You will also have the opportunity to test and manage software, work in teams and conduct research.

Whether you want to work as an app developer, a web designer, or a computer programmer, you will be prepared to work with others in a rapidly-growing industry. 

Detailed Information

The program works with modern technologies and programming languages. The program exposes students to technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Website Design, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP/Laravel, Android/Kotlin and DBMS/SQL. The program also allows students to develop soft skills in agile development, project management and job preparation techniques.

Students must maintain a grade of 2.0 in each class. All software required for the program is available in CIS labs. Students can purchase the software to use at home with student discounts.

  1. Learn programming concepts and techniques that enable students to be a lifetime learner as technology evolves.
  2. Understand and implement cost-effective and efficient websites.
  3. Understand how to properly plan, create and implement components.
  4. Understand how to properly create, store, and retrieve data from a normalized database.
  5. Solve problems while developing software or websites.
  6. Communicate with clients while developing software or websites.
  7. Demonstrate responsibility for meeting deadlines and addressing client needs.
  8. Understand how technology relates and impacts society.
  9. Design, develop, deploy and maintain software and web development projects specified by a client.
  10. Demonstrate professionalism and flexibility
  11. Develop research skills and techniques.

Breaking Ground on Your Pathway

Plan Your Courses

Meet with our counselors to customize this plan just for you. You can also search the quarterly schedule for class days and times.


Math placement is not required for this program.
English placement is not required for this program.

The Full Stack Certificate program consists of training students to code both the frontend and backend of a website. A Full Stack Developer is responsible for creating database-driven web applications with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and one or more back-end languages like PHP or Node.js. For further information, contact a program instructor or a counselor.

Students must maintain a grade of 2.0 in each class.

Program Map for


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Total Program Credits: 40

Program Courses

First Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
CIS 107
Software Math  
CIS 108
Computer Math  
CIS 111
CIS 146
Introduction to Programming  
Total Credits

Second Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
CIS 114
Frontend Development I  
CIS 126
CIS 258
Backend Development I  
Total Credits

Third Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
CIS 117
Frontend Development II  
CIS 259
Backend Development II  
Total Credits

Estimated costs for completing this program

WA Resident
$ 4,316
$ 5,599
$ 10,227
$ 702
$ 702
$ 702
Course Fees
$ 1,113
$ 1,113
$ 1,113
Institutional Fees
$ 1,606
$ 1,606
$ 1,606
Total Costs
$ 7,738
$ 9,020
$ 13,648

Costs for completing a degree or certificate can vary. For more information about costs, visit our How Much Does it Cost? page.

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