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Business Writing

Do you want to become a better writer?

This certificate will improve your writing for both traditional and online communication channels. With this certificate, you will build on essential writing skills, including audience analysis, grammar and mechanics, style and tone, drafting and editing, and professional research. Classes explore the skills necessary to create effective messages for web and print audiences. You’ll learn to craft clear, quality messages to your customers, clients, employees, and other business audiences.

Students who are awarded this certificate will earn at least a 3.0 grade in all courses.

  1. Identify and analyze audiences, and define purposes for a variety of traditional business messages and web writing tasks.
  2. Implement successful writing for the web and writing traditional business messages and effectively implement appropriate strategies for each.
  3. Use appropriate non-textual communication (visual content, images, sound, etc.) effectively to reach business audiences and achieve business purposes.
  4. Use appropriate style, language, spelling, grammar, punctuation and other mechanics for traditional and web messages.
  5. Work collaboratively to produce effective messages in groups and participate effectively in a peer-review process to provide formative feedback.
  6. Conduct research online and in the library and gather data to propose problem solutions.
  7. Use presentation software to create and present an oral report.

Breaking Ground on Your Pathway


Math placement is not required for this program.
English placement is not required for this program.

Plan Your Courses

Meet with our counselors to customize this plan just for you. You can also check the annual schedule or search the quarterly schedule for class days and times.

Program Map for


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Total Program Credits: 15

Program Courses

First Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
BT 272
Business Correspondence  
BT 274
Business Writing for the Web  
Total Credits

Second Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
BT 273
Business Research and Report Writing  
Total Credits

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