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Welcome to the Avista/SCC Utility Construction School Application Process!

Classes in the Utility Construction School have been canceled for Spring and Fall 2020, and Spring 2021. Avista Utilities and SCC are working to redesign the program to continue the high level of training while including Washington State Covid 19 phases of reopening along with Avista and CCS policies for safety of students and staff. Updates regarding Fall 2021 training will be posted by April 15, 2021.

Applications for the Avista/SCC Lineman School are currently not being accepted.

Sample Math Test

You must achieve a minimum of a certain score on the math test administered by Avista in order to continue with the application process. The math test will be given at the Avista Jack Stewart Training Center. You can consult our sample math test as a study guide. You may use a calculator when taking the test.