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Did you know we stream dozens of live events a year? Now you do


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Did you know humans don’t actually eat seven or eight spiders a year? Yeah, turns out, it was all just a made up fact in some article long ago about how rumors can spread from made up facts.

Ironic, right?

Did you also know that Community Colleges of Spokane – while we cannot see you all in person like we’d prefer – has been holding virtual events all year long? Did you also know I run them out of my basement using my sweet gaming PC? Well, now you do.

But really, though, the next big, fun, exciting event could just be a click away – all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy.

By heading over to and you’ll see the myriad of live events we have planned (so far) this year, including an incredible Spokane Community College Hagan Center speaker series centered on diversity and giving platforms and voices to the oft voiceless.

The next of which, is scheduled for Wednesday, May 12 and features Luis Rodriguez.

Even better, we post full VODs of the events on the page, and on our YouTube page.

So next time you’re stuck at home, wishing you could be out enjoying all of the fun and knowledge the world has to offer, stop on by the Live Events section of our sites.

Who knows – you might even learn something.



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5/7/2021 4:13:55 PM

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Skitch, the Sasquatch

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