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The sky is the limit for graduates of SCC's allied health programs


An illustration of a group of hospital workers. They're wearing lab coats.


If there’s one thing I know, it’s the sky. It’s big. It’s blue. Sometimes it’s filled with fluffy white objects. Other times, it’s crying on you.

I know this because as a forager with far too much free time, I stare up at it a lot. Like, a lot a lot (if you have any book recommendations, please, I'll read anything at this point).

And recently, while checking out the latest data from Spokane Community College’s allied health programs -- because that’s something I apparently do -- I noticed something: the graduating students might soon be sharing sky space with the white fluff.

In fact, did you know that 90% of our Respiratory Care students have secured jobs BEFORE they’ve even graduated? And 100% of them within six months of walking out our doors with a Bachelor’s of Applied Science degree? What’s more, most local hospitals are looking for respiratory care professionals, which was the case before COVID-19, and has become even more true now.

In the Surgical Technology side of things, 100% of our graduates were employed after finishing their final class in our big, beautiful buildings. That’s been the trend for most classes over the past five years, save for those where students decided to continue their education rather than work in the field immediately.

As for Radiology Technology students, job placement has been at 99% for graduates for five years straight. The program takes in 20 students a year, graduating an overwhelming majority in two years, and employing them within 12 months.

And while it’s not technically allied health, our nursing program speaks for itself. This year, our students passed the exam at 98.15% rate. Many of them went straight into a career, while several transferred to universities across the region and are now employed in our amazing community.

So while I’ve got all the free time in the world, clearly our students are a bit more focused. Which is good.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go log on to a local Bigfoot conspiracy website and stir the pot a bit. I’ve convinced them I’m living in Canada under the surname Chester Wellington III.



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3/15/2021 3:34:43 PM

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Skitch, the Sasquatch

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