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Skitch's tips, tricks and guide to mastering the study-at-home formula



Now that I'm thoroughly convinced nobody is actually out and about looking for me, I figured now is a good time to rear my hairy head and ... offer some study tips.

I know -- quarantine has been weird for me too. Like, did you know that I actually have six toes on each big foot? It shocked me too.

Anyway, while we're all here, I figured I'd offer some study-from-home tips in no particular order. Feel free to ape all of these (pun intended) and use that at home.

And if you have a suggestion of your own, go ahead and stick your head out the window and shout very loudly. Odds are I'll hear it. Or I won't.

Shut that door

Studying from home and pets won't leave you alone? Kids? Spouses? Bears trying to enter your den? Just say no, and close that door (or move that boulder in place).

Just about anyone will tell you that in order to work and study from home efficiently and without distraction, you have to remove yourself from the distractions. 

Sometimes that's as simple as closing the door to your room and letting everyone on the outside know that study time is study time.

Put your phone in a drawer

An illustration of a smart phone with a red circle and slash through it
Like the aforementioned pets, kids and what not, phones can be one of the most distracting things in our lives. That's because in 2020 they're essentially an extension of our bodies. 

So do yourself a favor, and remove the temptation. Power down your phone and stick it in a drawer until study time is over. Or leave it outside of your room. I promise -- that Instagram notification can wait.

And if you have kids or an elderly person you’re looking after, let them know of a way they can reach you in an emergency.

Keep a to-do list

This one seems like a no-brainer, but most people really struggle with keeping their tasks organized. And I get it -- it seems like extra work to write down what you're going to do before doing it. 

But keeping a simple list is not only a great way to organize your tasks, it's also a fantastic avenue to getting that dopamine rush your brain will be craving now that your phone is somewhere else.

Checking off items on a list is intoxicating. Really, try it. And once your list is complete, there's no better feeling than looking back on what you've accomplished in a short amount of time. It also helps with any lingering anxiety -- think you forgot something? Check the list. Is it done? Time to relax.

Change out of the those PJs

A man sitting in a suit top with tie and pajama bottoms with a laptop in his lap
I like a nice, comfortable, furry pajama set as much as the next creature, but trust me -- change out of it in the morning and into something you'd normally wear to school.

Like making your bed in the morning, there's something to be said about getting up, getting ready and getting dressed that does wonders for mental health.

And if you're feeling lethargic all day, look first at what you're wearing. If it's bed wear, no wonder you're not feeling great. For that matter, what did you eat today? Was it healthy?

Listen to lectures first

Lastly, try and listen to any lectures your professor has posted in the morning. That'll give you more time to focus on assignments or study for a test. Not to mention, it'll open up your afternoon for things you'd like to do outside of school.

Plus, mornings are usually more quiet and less hectic than afternoons and evenings. And, it feels much better not to have a lecture cloud hanging over your head.

In my opinion, the only clouds that should be hanging over anyone's heads are clouds of doubt. Specifically, that I exist.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the simple list. I'm off to go for a leisurely stroll in the woods. I sure hope nobody with a terrible '60s video camera captures me walking like a human.



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5/6/2020 3:25:50 PM

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Skitch, the Sasquatch

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