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Community Colleges of Spokane raises over 11 tons of food during 2020 food drive



It was a battle of the ages. A highway to the danger zone. A thunder dome of epic proportions – two colleges enter, one college leave. A competition; but anything short of normal. A Food Drive Dispute. And when two colleges compete to see who can raise the most food in a three-week period, the students win.

Final counts show that together Spokane Community College and Spokane Falls Community College raised just over 23,000 pounds of food for their respective food banks, more than doubling the amount of food raised last year. That’s 11.5 tons – or as some would say, an elephant and a half.

The competition began the week of Jan. 27 and ended on Feb. 14. All throughout, several dozen photos of faculty and staff pets were shared among campus-wide email chains pleading for donations. Some even included their horses. There may have been a reptile or two – hard to know for sure.

It worked. Similar to last year, SCC eked out a victory, raising 14,541 pounds of food – 4,799 from actual food donations, and $7,025 in cash donations, which equal one pound per dollar. Included in that $7,000 lump sum was a generous donation by the heavy metal band Metallica through their All Within My Hands Foundation.

SFCC, meanwhile, raised 8,532 pounds of food, nearly tripling their amount from last year. Raw numbers aside, that amounts to about 35 pounds of food per staff member, just under SCC’s 38.

The 23,000 pounds of food raised ensures each college’s respective food bank will be stocked for months to come. Students have full, free access to the food banks three times a quarter with a valid student identification.
While we’re at it, here’s a list of things that weigh as much as that food:

  • Three hippopotamuses

  • Six giraffes

  • Seven cars

  • 18 cows

  • 20 grizzly bears

  • 50 pigs

  • 150 kangaroos

  • A cruise ship anchor

  • A tenth of a blue whale



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2/21/2020 10:26:01 AM

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Jonathan Glover

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