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Students studying together in SCC Tutoring Center Students studying together in SCC Tutoring Center


We encourage all students to make an appointment with a specific tutor via accudemia. Tutors will be offering virtual drop in tutoring hours, unless they have appointments. In order to guarantee time with a tutor, students will need to make appointments, click on “Making Tutoring Appointment”

Are you interested in becoming a peer tutor? You must meet the following criteria in order to become a tutor:

- Have 3.3 GPA (A or B+) or above in the subject in which you want to tutor.
- Get a recommendation from the instructor you had for the subject area you want to tutor.
- Submit a Resume and Cover letter.
- Interview with Tutoring Services Manager or Program Support Supervisor.

Faculty, if you know of a student who would be a great tutor, contact us!

You can submit all your materials to Guillermo Espinosa via email or call 509-533-7401 with questions.