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How do I become a PACE student?

The first step in becoming a PACE student is to fill out the Online Application Form for attending SCC, which can be found here: The next step is to attend an in-person new student orientation. Check the PACE website for upcoming new student orientation dates and times. At the new student orientation, you will learn more about the PACE program, classes offered, the PACE Certificate and meet with a PACE instructor to choose and enroll in your preferred classes.

What courses does PACE offer?

We will host our complete catalog here soon. For now, call 509-279-6033 or email us at for a brief overview of PACE courses or to schedule a time to meet with a member of our team.

What if I am nervous coming into PACE?

Many students are nervous when they first try something new. We hope you will feel welcome and comfortable once you come into our program and meet our friendly, compassionate staff. It is good to meet your peers as well! Be sure to ask for help if you need it. If you need to schedule an appointment to meet with us before your first day of classes, we are happy to do so.

What should I bring to class?

Be prepared. Come with a good attitude, a willingness to learn, and pencil and paper.

What is the difference between high school and PACE?

PACE is a community college program offered through the Adult Basic Education division at SCC. Like high school, it is our job to help you learn and grow as a student. However, there are no truancy laws, we cannot keep you in class. To succeed, you must be responsible for yourself and your behavior and be willing to learn. PACE course sections are focused on life skills and employment. Treat your classes or other activities like they are your job – be on time, be consistent in your work, save food for lunch and don’t use your cellphone in class without instructor permission.

What if I want to take a class a 4th (or more) time?

State law only allows students to attempt each class a maximum of three times (SBCTC 5.30.25).  Once you have passed the class, you should move on to the next, there is a lot to learn! If a student hasn’t yet mastered the content in the course, they should schedule a meeting with one of our staff members to plan an alternate class.

How much do PACE classes cost?

PACE classes are provided without cost for students*; the Board of Trustees granted all PACE students a waiver that covers the cost of the classes.
*Note, if you are a student enrolled in a high school transition program, your school district must have a contract with PACE

How does parking work?

It does cost to park on campus. Pass purchase information is located online here. There are limited coin-operated parking meters available. As a student, you are granted a quarterly bus pass at no extra charge. Many of our students use STA paratransit, to be conveniently picked up and dropped off. There is also an STA Transit Center on campus.

Where is the PACE program located?

PACE is located on the main Spokane Community College campus at 1810 N. Greene St. Most of our classes will be in Building 1, Green Wing, while our Fit for life classes are held in Building 5, Small Gym. Being on the main campus gives students access to many resources, such as the library, gym, student lounges, bakery, food pantry and special events. Sorry, the pool is still closed!

Are any specific classes required to participate?

Yes. In their first quarter of enrolling all students must take and pass either CLLIF 1 Building Healthy Relationships or CLLIF 3 Community Living in the first quarter after enrolling. Through these classes, students should learn more about how to maintain personal safety through interactions with others.

Starting in Fall 2024, these classes will be combined into CLLIF 1 College Life Skills.

Does PACE provide extra supervision for its students?

No, PACE students will not have any extra supervision. Students need to be responsible for themselves at all times. Students should plan to move between buildings on campus as needed; for example, students may want to leave Building 1 to go eat lunch in the Lair cafeteria (Building 6). If students need to contact security, they may call 509-533-3333.

What is a PACE Certificate?

Students who pass 30 classes in six different content areas can earn a PACE certificate. This in-house certificate is a great way to celebrate knowledge learned and a goal accomplished. It is also a way to show a future employer the skills that have been achieved. Meet with staff to get started on this plan!

Are PACE classes graded?

PACE classes are graded on a Pass/Fail system. To pass a class, a student needs to earn more than 80% in the class (over content knowledge, participation, and attendance) and meet all the learning outcomes for the class. The outcomes are available on the course syllabus.

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