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Automotive Technology

Spokane Community College’s automotive technology program is an industry leader in training technicians for successful careers in the automotive field.

In this program, you’ll learn, for example, tune-ups, brake repair, automotive electrical system repairs, Transmission Repair, Heater and A/C diagnosis and repair and so much more. Much of your learning will take place as you work on actual project cars in our fully equipped, on-campus shop. Courses prepare you for ASE certification.

Whether you want to work at a dealership, independent garage, fleet shop, specialty shop, etc., this program provides the skills needed for a broad range of opportunities in the transportation field.

  1. Describe how an automotive heating, ventilation, and air-conditions system works.
  2. Discuss the refrigerants used and their impact on the environment.
  3. Explain airflow management and sensors and actuators used.
  4. Comprehend the refrigerant recycle importance and effects on the environment.
  5. Discuss engine constructions, energy and power of an engine.
  6. Discuss compression ratio, torque and horsepower.
  7. Discuss synthetic engine oils and their advantages.
  8. Discuss hybrids engine precautions.
  9. Learn theory and principles of computerized engine controls, automotive exhaust emissions, and fuel injection and ignition systems.
  10. Working knowledge of the brake system and component identification.
  11. Basic knowledge of the diagnostic process of the brak system.
  12. Working knowledge of the suspension system and component identification.
  13. Working knowledge of the alignment equipment and basic adjustments.
  14. Principles of late model automatic transmissions, transaxles and sub-assemblies.
  15. Operation of automotive manual transmissions and transaxles, differential, transfer case, drive line, and constant velocity joints.
  16. Diagnose and repair automotive electrical and electronic systems to industry standards (*ASE/NATEF).
  17. Use multi-meters, scopes, test lights, etc. properly to perform repairs and diagnostics.

The Automotive Technology program prepares students for employment in many areas of the automotive field including dealerships, independent garages, fleet shops, service stations and specialty shops which cover areas such as tune-ups and brakes. Students may enter the program only in the first quarter. The one-year certificate requires completion of any three quarters of the automotive technology program and the four related classes identified in footnote 1. This flexible schedule also enables students to receive short-term certificates while pursuing their degree. Students must complete all courses with a 2.0 grade or better before advancing to subsequent quarters.

Program Map for


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Total Program Credits: 19

Program Courses

First Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
Applied Mathematics   1
Introduction to Computers for Technology   1
Applied Written Communication   1
Leadership Skills for Business and Industry   1
AUTO 100
Introduction to Automotive  
WELD 155
Auto Welding  
Total Credits

1 This related education requirement may be met with any course or combination of courses approved by the instructional dean.

Estimated costs for completing this program

WA Resident
$ 1,743
$ 2,036
$ 3,780
$ 702
$ 702
$ 702
Course Fees
$ 78
$ 78
$ 78
Institutional Fees
$ 535
$ 535
$ 535
Total Costs
$ 3,058
$ 3,351
$ 5,095

Costs for completing a degree or certificate can vary. For more information about costs, visit our How Much Does it Cost? page.

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