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Zoomers, grab your smartphone: SCC's Skitch is on TikTok and he's posting straight fire



Stop me if you've heard this one before: a Sasquatch, on a college campus, with a smartphone, posting videos on TikTok. Sounds crazy, right?

I know. I could hardly believe it myself. What does an urban legend want with video-making app popular with Generation Z hype beasts? What could he possibly bring to the table that others haven't?

And how on Earth had nobody on Spokane Community College's campus seen Skitch the Sasquatch while he made the videos? He's, what, over 6 feet tall and covered in fur?

Nothing made sense. I had to get to the bottom of it.

So I tracked him down, but just my luck -- he only had time for eight questions. Another investigation foiled, I suppose.

Q. First things first -- are you the realest?

Would you believe that I get asked that all the time? I’m so down-to-earth, sometimes vulnerable and true to anyone I pass by.

Q. OK, enough monkeying around (pun intended). Why TikTok?

Well, I don’t know what you did during quarantine, but I found myself spending my nights watching TikTok and my days trying to perfect those dance challenges. I’m savage!

Q. Do you think you’ve solved the final clue on how to truly connect with the fabled Generation Z?

Gen Z is just like me! They want to be left alone until they make the effort to reach out. No need for hour long presentations if we can get the jist in a minute or so. I started watching a show on Apple TV+ and now I have to wait until next week to see the next episode! Who has time for that???

Anyway, it’s TikTok or Instagram for the Zoomers. Facebook is for my mom.

Q. Wow. You really are savage. Are you afraid now that all your time is going into TikTok that you might not have enough hours in the day for other sasquatch activities, like foraging for berries or watching weirdos dress up like you and film themselves in the woods?

Ha!!! Those guys are crazy dressing up and shaking the bushes and then doing weird howls. I love watching them … I should do a TikTok on that! Really, I’m counting down the days until the students come back to school. I also found some blackberries on campus so I don’t have to go far for food. (Editor's note: It's true. I ate some).

Q. What’s your favorite TikTok you’ve made so far?

Call me sentimental but I like my Seasons of Spokane Community College best. I love the fall leaves on campus and I miss the snow. It’s just too hot with all this fur during the summer. I run through the sprinklers a lot. They turn them on after everyone has gone home for the night.

Q. If a student were to say, see you filming TikToks on campus, would it completely blow your cover as an urban legend?

C’mon … #WashingtonCheck everyone from the WA knows I exist, they just don’t want the rest of the country to know. Maybe the students can help me with the #greenscreen?

Q. Where’d you find all those SCC dogs and can I have one?

Haha! The faculty and staff of SCC keep sending me pics of their pooches in SCC swag so I had to put them out there. There will be many more Dogs of SCC TikToks.

Q. OK, last question. Where can people find you? (Online of course).

I go by one name (I know, that’s misleading because people call me Bigfoot and Yeti and a hundred other things): SKITCHSQUAD.



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9/3/2020 8:22:33 AM

Posted By

Jonathan Glover

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