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Stomping Grounds, the College Store, is located in the Lair Student Center, Building 6. This well-stocked store carries new, used, and rental textbooks, general interest books, a full line of school supplies, general book titles, art and drafting supplies, and many items of convenience for students. In addition, the store offers these services to students, faculty, and staff:

  • Copy and Fax service
  • Course Materials Buyback and Rentals
    • Course Materials information is available at our Online Store
  • Discounted Laser Quest Tickets
  • Discounted Movie Tickets (AMC, Regal & Village Centre Cinema)
  • Discounted Silverwood Codes (seasonal)
  • Gift Cards
  • Notary Public
  • Online Book Exchange (Swap Textbooks)
  • Postage Stamps
  • Shipping Service

Purchase Policy

  • The bookstore accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. District policy requirements state that two-party checks and unimprinted checks cannot be accepted.

  • At Stomping Grounds, we strive to help make your shopping experience fast and easy!

    Counter Service has two important steps:
    • Step 1: Print a Textbook Express list on the day you plan to shop and bring it into the store. You can also print one out on computers available right here in the store.
    • Step 2: Let our friendly staff pull your books for you while you wait in line or browse the store. Your books will be waiting at the registers when you reach the head of the line. You can even come back later the same day to pick up your books if you're in a hurry!
      If you are interested in avoiding the majority of the first‐day‐of‐school hullabaloo at the Stomping Grounds, please check out our our Mail Order and Reservation options.

    Here are just a few reasons why we decided to provide you with counter service:
    • It adds value to your purchase
    • Personalized customer service
    • You can browse the store while we pull your books
    • No more worrying about selecting the correct books for your course

  • Students are urged to purchase their books prior to the beginning of each quarter to avoid the rush.

  • A refund period is established in case of error or a change of class.
        » Follow this link for current refund information.

Book Buy/Sell/Swap Program

At the end of each quarter a textbook buyback service is offered. Buyback dates are posted on the refund policy and on the store website. Students may also get a buyback quote on the store website. Create an account and sign up for email notifications on buyback for books purchased. You can also search private classified listings between students. SCC Store: Buy/Sell/Swap, or sell your books to a third party vendor from the college store website. A mailing label will be provided when you complete the transaction.

Hours of Operation

Visit the online store for current store hours.

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