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Stomping Grounds, the College Store, is located in the Lair, Building 6. This well-stocked store carries new and used textbooks, general interest books, a full line of school supplies, tools, computer software, and many items of convenience for students. You can also purchase from our Online Book Store.

Purchase Policy

Students are urged to purchase their books prior to the beginning of each quarter to avoid the rush. Each student must present a copy of his or her schedule in order to receive assistance from bookstore staff in selecting the proper texts.

The bookstore accepts VISA and MasterCard. District policy requirements state that two-party checks and unimprinted checks cannot be accepted.

A refund period is established in case of error or a change of class.
    » Follow this link for current refund information.

Book Buy/Sell/Swap Program

At the end of each quarter, a textbook buy-back service is offered, usually the last five days of the quarter. Students should check the bookstore for exact dates.

Hours of Operation

The bookstore is open Monday through Friday with extended hours during designated registration dates and the start of each quarter. Please call (509) 533-7087 or visit the store's website for more information.

SCC College Store
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