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Admission Forms

Add/drop CCS 40-164 PDF | Word
Alumni Association membership SCC LinkedIn application | SFCC LinkedIn application
Application: Center for Entrepreneurship at SCC CCS 6113
Apply to SCC (online) - Please visit one of our Admissions Offices for a paper version.
Authorization to release financial information CCS 2138
Course Exception Form CCS 40-155 PDF | Word
FERPA authorization to release information from student education records CCS 40-200
Grade forgiveness form CCS 40-225
Graduation petition (degree or certificate) CCS 40-156
Hearing instrument specialist program enrollment packet
Letter of recommendation release form CCS 40-220

Name and mailing address change CCS 4094
Petition for high school diploma CCS 9145
Prior Learning Assessment Form CCS 8425
Prior Learning Assessment Faculty and Staff Handbook CCS 8428
Prior Learning Assessment Crosswalk Development Worksheet CCS 8437
Request for approval to test (SBCTC)
Registration transaction form CCS 40-164 PDF | Word
Replacement diploma order form CCS 5114
Residence questionnaire CCS 4092
Satisfactory progress petition CCS 4336
Student checklist CCS 5013
Student grade change request form CCS 40-338 PDF | Word
Student information update CCS 40-194
Textbook requisition form CCS 5110
Transcript request - Non-credit students CCS 9309
Transcript request - High School completion CCS 9312
Tuition Waiver - state employee CCS 4093
Underage admissions requirements CCS 40-221
Verification of enrollment request CCS 40-177
Withdrawal form CCS 40-133
Worker retraining application CCS 40-198

Experiential Learning Forms

Experiential learning additional duties CCS 3132
Experiential learning agreement CCS 3102 PDF | Word
Experiential learning application CCS 3118 PDF | Word
Experiential learning final evaluation of student progress CCS 3131
Experiential learning job-related learning objectives CCS 3115 PDF | Word
Experiential learning work experience job description CCS 3128

SCC Financial Aid Forms

Financial aid terms and conditions CCS 43-179 2018-20192017-2018
Satisfactory academic progress policy CCS 43-152 2018-20192017-2018
Verification worksheet V1 standard verification CCS 43-165 2018-20192017-2018
Verification worksheet V4 custom verification CCS 43-167 2018-20192017-2018
Verification worksheet V5 aggregate verification CCS 43-164 2018-20192017-2018

General Forms

Academic program plan CCS 43-157
Award cancellation CCS 43-184
Award reactivation CCS 43-185
Financial aid loan adjustment request CCS 43-186
Financial aid notification information summary CCS 43-159
Satisfactory progress petition CCS 4336
Title IV code of conduct

Running Start ~ Resources

Academic Calendars
Application for Admission - Online (A paper version is available at our Admissions Offices.)
Campus Maps
Campus Running Start Info: SCC | SFCC
CCS Running Start Contacts
Enrollment Statistics
Enrollment Verification Form (EVF) revised 03/2018
High School Course Equivalency Guides
FERPA Authorization (to release information from student education records)
Final Exam Schedule SCC | SFCC
Online CCS Catalog
Quarterly Class Schedule
Quarterly Important Dates
SharePoint Site (user logon required)
RS Fees & Waivers
Tuition, Fees & Waivers Schedule
Petition for Graduation: SCC | SFCC
Petition for High School Diploma
A Guide to Running Start (includes CCS academic calendar with drop/withdrawal dates)
Running Start Student Application Procedures (includes application due dates)

Other Resources

OSPI Running Start Page
OSPI Testing Dates
SBCTC (Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges) Running Start Page
WAC (Washington Administrative Code) Chapter 392-169 Special service programs running start program
2012-13 Running Start Updates on 1.20 FTE Limitation OSPI Bulletin No. 033-12
Running Start Q & A (Nov 2015)

Student Resources

Ability to Benefit Application CCS 43-187
Academic calendars (printable)
Accident Report CCS 1220 PDF | Word
Bloodborne pathogens exposure incident report CCS 1295
Club fundraising approval form CCS 5765
Club fundraising tally form CCS 5764
Cosmetology daily task/performance report CCS 7116
Field trip or student activity involving lodging and/or transportation, and trip services assumption of risk, release of liability, waiver and medical consent CCS 5774 PDF | Word
Field trip or student activity vicinity travel assumption of risk, release of liability, waiver and medical consent CCS 5773 PDF | Word
Guidelines for roommate assignments for college-sponsored instruction related and student activities travel CCS 5772
Harassment/Discrimination Incident Notification Form CCS 1691
Local travel waiver for student travel
Non-Local travel waiver for student travel
Residence questionnaire CCS 4092
Roommate guidelines
Security incident report CCS 1286
Student activities club travel request CCS 5762
Student activities purchase request CCS 5763
Student concerns forms and procedures CCS 30-06
Withdrawal exception request form CCS 40-204

Student Services

Authorization to release information from student records (FERPA) CCS 40-200
Campus crime statistics
Disability support services CCS 5018
Grievance Procedure for Students with Concerns with Disability Support Services (DSS)
File a grievance for DSS using form ccs 5008 PDF | Word
Drug-free schools statement
FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
High school release to attend CCS CCS 40-140
Residence questionnaire CCS 4092
Service learning application CCS 3137

Veteran remedial authorization CCS 4812
Veteran reporting form CCS 4811
Veteran student information authorization CCS 4813

Head Start

Authorization to use identifiable nametags CCS 97-157
In-home postpartum nursing assessment CCS 97-180 PDF | Word


Community volunteer CCS 9795
Donation receipt CCS 9794
In-kind individual parent volunteer time form CCS 97-185
In-kind recordsiInteragency meeting CCS 9840
Monthly in-kind home learning plan - infant/toddler CCS 98-153 PDF | Word
Monthly in-kind home learning plan - preschool CCS 98-151 PDF | Word
Parent volunteer hours CCS 9796
Weekly in-kind home learning plan for Home Base CCS 98-152


Training request-parent CCS 9890
Training/travel request-staff CCS 98-102


Food request CCS 97-121
Nutrition CACFP infant meal form CCS 98-179
Nutrition daily infant meal record CCS 98-180
Nutrition diet request: Food allergy/Intolerance CCS 98-141 PDF | Word
Nutrition diet request: Menu adaptations CCS 98-157 PDF | Word
Nutrition infant meal record: birth - 5 months CCS 98-181
Nutrition request for fluid milk substitution CCS 98-154 PDF | Word
Request for special dietary accommodations CCS 98-183 PDF | Word
Special diet letter CCS 98-140
USDA child and adult care food program CCS 98-103
WIC information request CCS 9757


Confidentiality agreement CCS 9879
Directive regarding work hours, leave usage and work attendance CCS 98-160 PDF | Word
Exempt Head Start Staff attendance directive CCS 97-173
Interview committee recommendations CCS 9899
Practical dress guidelines for early childhood classroom and work environments CCS 98-143
Pre-employment medical exam CCS 98-110
Pre-employment medical exam instructions CCS 98-118
Standards of conduct agreement CCS 9878

Parent Co-op Forms

Child observation and individualized positive guidance plan CCS 9901
Daily communication log CCS 9944
ERSEA Family housing survey CCS 9940 PDF | Word
ERSEA Transfer request CCS 9941 PDF | Word
Home visit planning & documentation CCS 9942 PDF | Word
Immunization due notice CCS 9620
Prenatal home visit planning & documentation CCS 9943
New employee and PIR information CCS 9900
Release of information-Holmes CCS 9902
Release of information-Woodridge CCS 9947
Training log CCS 9939

Early Head Start

Child care programs application CCS 98-161 PDF | Word
Child development history CCS 98-122
Class observation report CCS 98-166
Classroom sign-up and sign-out log CCS 9817
Curriculum planning (Full day - part 1) CCS 9891
Education activity submissions CCS 98-167
Enrollment drop notification CCS 9856 PDF | Word
ERSEA Family housing survey CCS 9940 PDF | Word
Field trip permission (group) CCS 9860
Field trip permission CCS 9862
Field trip planning sheet CCS 9844
Infant/toddler daily staffing plan I CCS 9864
Infant/toddler daily staffing plan II CCS 9865
Late arrival/pick-up contract CCS 98-120

Minor incident/accident/illness report CCS 98-123
Parent interest survey CCS 98-178
Parent participation sign-in sheet CCS 9885
PIR volunteer services information CCS 9880
Policy council child care information form CCS 98-174
Records request CCS 98-128
Request for volunteer vendor number CCS 98-142
Table of contents: Child/family file (CENTER) CCS 98-139
Table of contents: Child/family file (HOME) CCS 98-138
Transfer/transition notes CCS 98-149
Waiting list update CCS 9857

PACE Forms & Documents

Acknowledgment form CCS 9314
Confidentiality/privacy statement CCS 9316
Consent to share information CCS 9311 PDF | WORD
Face sheet CCS 8410
PACE/SEER noncredit registration CCS 8409
Risk acknowledgment statement CCS 9315
SEER program face sheet CCS 9308
Student code of conduct CCS 9307
Student grievance procedure CCS 8413
Your rights as a student at PACE services CCS 9318