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Livingston science building at SCC. Livingston science building at SCC.

SCC Admissions and Registration Forms

Admission Forms

Add/drop CCS 40-164 PDF | Word
Alumni Association membership SCC LinkedIn application | SFCC LinkedIn application
Application: Center for Entrepreneurship at SCC CCS 6113
Apply to SCC (online) - Please visit one of our Admissions Offices for a paper version.
Authorization to release financial information CCS 2138
Course Exception Form CCS 40-155 PDF | Word
FERPA authorization to release information from student education records CCS 40-200
Grade forgiveness form CCS 40-225
Graduation petition (degree or certificate) CCS 40-156
Hearing instrument specialist program enrollment packet
Letter of recommendation release form CCS 40-220
Quick admit application form CCS 40-212 PDF | Word

Name and mailing address change CCS 4094
Petition for high school diploma CCS 9145
Prior Learning Assessment Form CCS 8425
Prior Learning Assessment Faculty and Staff Handbook CCS 8428
Prior Learning Assessment Crosswalk Development Worksheet CCS 8437
Request for approval to test (SBCTC)
Registration transaction form CCS 40-164 PDF | Word
Replacement diploma order form CCS 5114
Residence questionnaire CCS 4092
Satisfactory progress petition CCS 4336
Student checklist CCS 5013
Student grade change request form CCS 40-338 PDF | Word
Student information update CCS 40-194
Textbook requisition form CCS 5110
Transcript request - Non-credit students CCS 9309
Transcript request - High School completion CCS 9312
Tuition Waiver - state employee CCS 4093
Underage admissions requirements CCS 40-221
Verification of enrollment request CCS 40-177
Withdrawal form CCS 40-133
Worker retraining application CCS 40-198