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  1. Student Fees Explained

    Currently, students are required to pay the following fees:. Registration Fee. ... Some programs and courses require addidiontal fees including lab fees, Washington State Patrol background check fee, liability insurance for certain programs and more.

  2. Books and Tools

    By: Wayne Gisslen. Publisher: John Wiley & Sons. Decorating Tools - $170.00. ... 10 towels. Spokane County Health Card: $10.00. Lab fee per quarter: $88.36 to $188.00.

  3. How Much Does it Cost?

    Mandatory fees are paid by every student but do not include optional fees like lab fees, background checks (for applicable programs), parking fees, books, etc. ... the upper division schedule, the college must charge tuition and fees for both upper and

  4. Culinary

    Toggle navigation MENU. Culinary. Janet Breedlove. If you dream of becoming a chef or want a career in the restaurant business, a degree in culinary arts may be just what your ... In addition to tuition, some classes have additional lab fees for chef

  5. Computer Labs

    Toggle navigation MENU. Computer Labs. Hours for computer labs on campus are subject to change without notice. ... The hours listed indicate when specific labs are available for drop-in use by students.

  6. ccs 8425 (12/15) Marketing and Public Relations Community Colleges ... PDF (243k)

    21 Dec 2015: Student Signature Date. FEES DUE (OFFICE USE ONLY). Type of Assessment: (no fees due) Type of Assessment: (nonrefundable fees) $30 per credit attempted processing fee. ... Once the number of credits attempted is determined, students must pay the

  7. How Much Does It Cost?

    Toggle navigation MENU. How Much Does It Cost? Annual Tuition, Fees and Estimated Costs. ... $677. $677. $1,242. $677. Program Fees. $0. $0. $0. $3,000. Health Insurance.

  8. Global Education Affidavit of Financial Support ccs 40-214 PDF (406k)

    2 Jan 2019: ccs 40-214 (Rev. 01/19) Marketing and Public Relations. INTERNATIONAL TUITION AND FEES FOR 2018-19. ... Program Fees $0 $0 $0 $3,000. Health Insurance $1,025 $1,025 $1,025 $1,025.

  9. Program Summary

    The subjects include Introduction to Culinary Arts, Food Nutrition, Food Sanitation, Hospitality Mathematics, and a Hospitality Technical Writing course. ... Students will receive chef uniforms this quarter and will be required to wear the uniforms from

  10. Food and Personal Services

    Spokane Community College’s (SCC) food and personal services programs prepare students for exciting careers in fields such as baking, cosmetology, culinary arts, esthetics, and hotel and restaurant management. ... Those interested in culinary arts and




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