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  1. Hagan Center History

    Hagan Center History. The Hagan Center for the Humanities s named for Dr. ... The Hagan center is funded by a growing Community Colleges of Spokane Foundation Endowment.

  2. Hagan Center

    Hagan Center. Mara Liasson is the national political correspondent for National Public Radio and a contributor at Fox News Channel. ... Hagan Center History. The Hagan Foundation Center for the Humanities is named for Dr.

  3. Hagan Center Events

    Hagan Center Events. Mara Liasson is the national political correspondent for National Public Radio and a contributor at Fox News Channel. ... Liasson will deliver a speech on the 19 Amendment, the importance of participation and how this relates to women

  4. Gigi Harris

    She dropped out of the 10th grade shortly after finding out she was pregnant. ... She chipped away at all of the GED tests, saving Math for last.

  5. Athletes

    Paula attended Rogers High School where she competed in three sports for the Pirates. ... She currently is the CFO of the Chugach Electric Association in Anchorage, Alaska.

  6. Athletes

    She was a member of two CCS women’s NWAACC XC championship teams. ... Elliot was recruited from White Pass High School by CCS cross country coach Sean McClachlan, after she had won five WIAA State B track championships in distance events.

  7. Athletes

    She became CCS’s first National Junior College All Around Champion in 1980. ... She is one of the all time top vaulters that competed for Spokane.

  8. Humanities

    A few professions in which humanities students can excel include:. Communications director or manager. ... HUM 295 — Special Topics in Humanities — 1.0-5.0 Credits. A team-taught interdisciplinary class.

  9. Athletes

    She led Spokane to the Final Four her freshman year and to the Eastern Division title as a sophomore. ... After graduation, she returned to the Spokane area to coach high school soccer and her 2014 St.

  10. Consider Your Humanity

    Home. Courses on philosophy, culture and more. Consider Your Humanity. Class #. Title. Location. Cost. Time. Dates. SPRING 2020 - no classes currently listed for this quarter.




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