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  1. Individual/Team Records

    18. 1988. Jon Mitchell. 18. 1988. Gregg Arlt. 18. 1976. Andre Ervin. ... 165. 2002-03. Career. Aaron Childress. 215. 1991-93. Consecutive. Ervin Terry. 24.

  2. History & School Records

    75-76. 21-10. 7-5. League: 2nd. All Tournament: Ervin Terry. NWAACC: 2nd. ... All Region 2nd Team: Jordan Gregg, Eric Beal, Jon Clift, and Bo Gregg.

  3. Teams

    The team was led by NWAACC First Team All-Tournament picks, Steve Alexander and Larry Anderson, and Second Team All-Tournament choice Erv Terry. ... John Mitchell was team manager. The team roster included Chris Allen, Chris Anderson, DaShawn Bedford,

  4. Teams

    Other championship team members were Charles (Chip) Arthur (PV, sixth), Steve Barbieri (PV, second), Duke Batchelor, Mark Brady, Mike Brockway (JAV, third), Kenny Colston, Gregg Durkee, Sean Elkington (JAV, fifth), Robert ... Other championship team

  5. Teams

    Chad Wilhite was named Captain, Mike Welch MIP and John Richardson was named Defensive Player of the Year. ... QB), Mark Vincent (FB), Jerry Walk (G), Dick Walker(HB), Carey Washington (HB), Mike Welch(C), Terry White(C), Bill Whitney(G), Don Whiton(E),

  6. Athletes

    As a player, Chris controlled the tempo of the game and became a coach on the floor. ... and was voted Team MVP. Steve averaged 10.4 ppg for the region champs in 1992.

  7. Teams

    Eric Eilmes, Tony Ruhl, Chris Broyles, Joseph Ranney, Troy Minder, Mark Johansen, Brian Reid, Todd Ledbetter, Kevin Wasson and Jim Guenther. ... Three players, tourney MVP Joe Leibrech, John Burke and Jon Schuh made the All-Tournament team.

  8. Track and Field Record Book PDF (2810k)

    14 Jan 2019: Track and Field Record Book

  9. Athletes

    Steve Camyn arrived at SFCC following an outstanding multi-sport career at Ferris High School in Spokane, Washington. ... Chris Bugni was a left-handed power hitter from Butte, Montana, who shattered the record books in his two years at CCS.

  10. Skills USA

    Skills USA. Chris Brady. Jim Scheidegger.



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