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  1. Teams

    The 1997 CCS Women’s Cross Country team won the NWAACC championship with a clean sweep of the top five places and scorers to post a perfect score of 15 points, ... The 1998 CCS Women’s Cross Country team won the NWAACC championship by scoring 18

  2. Teams

    Teams. The 1966-67 Men’s Basketball team won the Eastern Region WAACC Championship and went on to win the WAACC (Washington State Community College) Championship ... This outstanding team finished second in the

  3. Athletes

    Joanne was one of the greatest distance runners ever at CCS, leading Spokane to 4 NWAACC Team Championships in cross country and track and field in her 2 years at SCC. ... Simmers placed third individually on the 1997 championship team, which scored a

  4. History & School Records

    NWAACC: 5th. All Region 2nd Team: Dexter Griffen. All Region 2nd Team: Steve Eskridge. ... 30-2. 14-0. League: 1st. NWAACC: 2nd. All Region 1st Team: Matthew Dorr.

  5. Teams

    The 1979-80 CCS women’s gymnastics team won the NJCAA National Championship and set a new championship meet team scoring record in the process. ... The 1981-82 CCS women’s gymnastics team won the National NJCAA Championship for the third straight

  6. Athletes

    He came back to finish seventh in the 1974 NWAACC cross country championships as SCC won its third straight title with an all-time team scoring record of 16 points. ... He quickly became a distance running star for the Sasquatch, leading the men’s

  7. Teams

    Scored 184 points to win over SFCC with 123 and Bellevue with 69 (10 NWAACC teams in meet). ... Head Coach Dale Kennedy. Team won the NWAACC Championship for third straight year, meet held at SCC.

  8. Athletes

    She was the point guard for Head Coach Scott Foxley and helped lead her SFCC team to consecutive NWAACC basketball team championships in the 1982-83 and 1983-84 seasons. ... She won NWAACC All-Region and NWAACC All-Tournament honors and was selected as

  9. Coaches/Contributors

    He started coaching at SFCC in 1967. His women’s basketball teams won two consecutive NWAACC championships in the 1982-83 and 1983-84 seasons. ... His women’s teams dominated the NWAACC golf league and his teams won 5 NWAACC Championships (1992, 1997,

  10. Teams

    This outstanding men’s golf team won the NWAACC Eastern Region and the NWAACC Tournament. ... The NWAACC championship team roster included Jason Cox, Joe Finley, Michael Hanson, Scott Kramer, Marty Nauret, Souta Nozaka, Adam Syverson, Jared Taylor and



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