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    Concordia University (Portland). Jeff Cottrell. University of Minnesota. Jesse Jorgenson. Washington State University. ... Eastern Washington University. Rudy Spencer. Central Washington University. Morgan Choate. University of Idaho.

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    He returned to Spokane to earn his law degree from Gonzaga University in 1980. ... He is currently an assistant football coach at the University of Washington.

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    Start Here, Transfer There. The universities and colleges listed below accept a number of the courses and degrees offered at Spokane Community College. ... Degree Map. Western Governors University.

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    Study for two years at Community Colleges of Spokane and transfer directly to a university for two more years to complete your 4-year degree. ... Save thousands of dollars on tuition and enjoy pre-admission to the

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    Building 23, 24, Fire Science and Fire Tower. ... Fire Science Technology students. Building 23, 24 locations on campus. Let us help you get started:2018 - present Community Colleges of Spokane - All rights reserved.

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    He continued his basketball career at both the University of Idaho and Whitworth College. ... He then served as a D-I assistant coach for 13 years, his last nine at the University of Washington.

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    He went on to compete in the decathlon for the University of Nebraska-Omaha before coming back to EWU to finish his education and get his coaching-teaching degree. ... The last 19 seasons he has been the assistant track and field coach at the University

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    Athlete. University. Joanne Lahti. Oregon State University. Mikel Elliott. Concordia University (Portland). ... Boise State University. Kendra Colyer. University of Idaho. Kelly Warren . University of Idaho.

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    Other degrees, certificates, or sciences — including computer science, nursing or allied health — do not qualify for this program. ... A completed SCC Science Scholars application. A personal statement that indicates potential for success in the

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    Matt Exline. Assistant Director of Program Approval Operations. Ohio Department of Higher Education. ... 25 South Front Street. Columbus, OH 43215. Daniel Archer. Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.




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