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Electronics student working in the lab.

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SCC Campus
Bldg. 1, Room 245

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Bill Rambo, counselor


About the Program

If you are strong in math and solving problems, and you like tinkering with electronics, this degree could be the perfect fit for you.

In this program, you’ll learn to troubleshoot, service and repair microcomputer-based electronic equipment found in radio systems, aircraft instruments, personal computers and mobile devices, and much more. As part of your training, you’ll work in the laboratory on real projects and practice using electronic test equipment to evaluate and troubleshoot electronic circuits.

The program offers two options: avionics and computer and data communications. Depending on which option you choose, this degree will prepare you for excellent career opportunities as an aircraft mechanic, a computer service technician, or a communication technician.

Electronics Photos

Two women working with electronics equipment.

Electronics student working with equipment.

Electronics student working on a computer.

Equipment used in Electronics program.

Bread board used in the electronics program at SCC.


Electronics circuit board.

Electronics student doing some math.

Electronics student working in the lab.

Electronics students testing in the lab.

Electronics student working on a computer.

Locations Offered

    Student Video

    Making an Antenna

    SCC electronics students created a video to show the process of making an antenna including the concept, 3D printing, assembly, testing and more.