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Electronics student working in the lab.

Office Location

SCC Campus
Bldg. 1, Room 245


About the Program

If you are interested in the Internet of Things, Lasers, Computer Systems, Biomedical Equipment, or other electronics. If you enjoy tinkering with electronics and problem solving. If you are curious about how things work, the Electronics Engineering Technician degree is a perfect fit for you.

In this program you will learn to build, evaluate, test, troubleshoot, service, and repair electronic devices and equipment. No prior experience is required. Learn about electronics from the component level to the system level.

As part of your training you will work in the laboratory on experiments and projects using electronic breadboards, optical breadboards, 3D-PCB printing, soldering, and single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi® and Arduino®. You will gain hands on experience with electronic test equipment like multi-meters and oscilloscopes.

The program offers four pathways: Applications, Avionics, Mechatronics (all three degree paths can be explored further by clicking the links in the right column, or below if on a mobile device) and Biomedical Equipment. Depending on which option you choose this degree will prepare you for excellent career opportunities as an Electronics Engineering Technician in product development, manufacturing, lasers and photonics, automated factories, service and repair, or hospitals.

Electronics Photos

Two women working with electronics equipment.

Electronics student working with equipment.

Electronics student working on a computer.

Equipment used in Electronics program.

Bread board used in the electronics program at SCC.


Electronics circuit board.

Electronics student doing some math.

Electronics student working in the lab.

Electronics students testing in the lab.

Electronics student working on a computer.

Locations Offered

    Student Video

    Making an Antenna

    SCC electronics students created a video to show the process of making an antenna including the concept, 3D printing, assembly, testing and more.