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Hotel & Restaurant Management

Do you dream of living in a faraway, exotic place or a favorite getaway spot closer to home? Mountain lodges, seaside and ski resorts — and your hometown — all need people who are skilled in hotel and restaurant management. Our graduates enjoy positions as operational managers, sales and marketing professionals, front-desk agents, and night auditors. They also manage hotels, restaurants, banquet and catering services, marinas, bars, dining rooms, and hotel room divisions.

If you are organized and efficient even when working under pressure and juggling a variety of tasks, enjoy learning new things, physically fit, like working as part of a team that serves the public, have a pleasant personality and a healthy dose of common sense, then you are the perfect candidate for a career in hospitality!

Practice Makes Perfect

Most of our program's students also work part time for hands-on experience at local hotels and restaurants. Spokane's variety of hospitality venues offers a wide assortment of cuisine and levels of service, and the city is nationally recognized for its convention facilities. Available part-time positions in the area frequently include:

  • Front-desk operations
  • Sales and marketing
  • Night auditing
  • Catering, Banquet, and Restaurant Services

Hospitality Tourism and Event Management Certificate to AAS Degree in Business

After completing your Hospitality Tourism and Event Management certificate, you can receive an AAS – Business by completing these courses:

  • MMGT 101 Principle of Management
  • BUS 104 Business Math
  • ACCT 151 College Accounting
  • ECON 100 Economics
  • MMGT 211 Marketing
  • MMGT 100 Supervised Volunteer Experience
  • MIS 211 Information Technology for Business

These courses will provide you with the additional knowledge and skills you need to succeed in a variety of hospitality careers. You will learn about the principles of management, accounting, economics, marketing, and information technology. You will also gain valuable hands-on experience through a supervised volunteer experience.

To learn more about the AAS – Business and how to apply, please visit our Business program.

  • Demonstrate critical thinking, writing, and verbal communication skills that illustrate a comprehensive understanding of theoretical issues about the historical, cultural, social, business and philosophical bases of hospitality, tourism and events management at local, regional, national, and international levels.
  • Identify the principles of sustainable hospitality, tourism and events management and demonstrate knowledge of sustainable practices in applied business settings.
  • Design, plan, market and implement hospitality, tourism and event management programs that are designed to provide a quality of life and instill a heightened sense of community within rural and diverse demographic groups.
  • Demonstrate entry-level managing and budgeting skills with recognition of the performance metrics that are unique to hospitality, tourism, and events management businesses, guests, and communities.

Breaking Ground on Your Pathway


Math placement is not required for this program.
English placement is not required for this program.

Plan Your Courses

Meet with our counselors to customize this plan just for you. You can also search the quarterly schedule for class days and times.

Program Map for


Choose program map:

Total Program Credits: 61

Program Courses

First Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
BT 152
College and Career Strategies  
BUS& 101
Introduction to Business  
CATT 120
Microsoft Word I  
HM 202
Front Office Procedures  
Total Credits

Second Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
BT 274
Business Writing for the Web  
BUS 103
Basic Business Math and Electronic Calculators  
HM 205
Hotel/Restaurant Law  
Total Credits

Third Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
CATT 138
Microsoft Excel I  
HM 221
Event Management  
MMGT 125
Social Media Marketing  
MMGT 223
Customer Service  
Total Credits

Fourth Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
BUS 280
Human Relations in Business  
HM 206
Revenue Management  
HM 220
Tourism and the Hospitality Industry  
MMGT 231
Human Resource Management  
Total Credits
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  • Resident

  • Non-Resident

  • International

  • Avg. Books

  • Estimated Course Fees


Costs for completing a degree or certificate can vary. For more information about costs, visit our How Much Does it Cost? page.

  • Duane Sunwold
    Duane Sunwold
    Hotel and Restaurant Mgmt
    A.A.S., Spokane Community College; additional study: Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

"My experience in the SCC program was great. The faculty was knowledgeable, approachable and very thorough in their teaching, and I left with a strong understanding of the trade." — Mike Hatley, Johnson Control service technician

"The HVAC/R program at SCC gave me a good solid foundation for my professional life. Their instructors are terrific, and they are especially great at helping you build your self-confidence. I'm very glad I chose SCC to launch my career." — Santos Cardenas, Lincoln building engineer for Goodale & Barbieri Real Estate Services

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