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Teachers Teaching Peace

Class Number Course Name Instructor
ARCHT 112 Introduction to Architectural Drafting Edwards
ARCHT 120 Residential Architectural Theory Edwards
ARCHT 122 Architectural Design 1 Edwards
ARCHT 132 Introduction to Construction Documents/CAD Edwards
ARCHT 139 Delineation Edwards
ART 100 Art Appreciation Arpin
ART 123 American Sign Language 3 Plumlee
ASL 121 American Sign Language 1 Plumlee
ASL 122 American Sign Language 2 Plumlee
BT 152 College Success and Strategies Hilton, Brooke, Wanke
BT 272 Business Correspondence Ekins, Hilton, Brooke
BUS 201 Business Law Mclean
CIS All Software Development Courses All Instructors
CIS 111 HTML5/CSS3 Affholter
CIS 114 Frontend Development 1 Jones
CIS 126 DBMS/SQL Affholter
CIS 130 Responsive Website Design Dickey
CIS 146 Introduction to Programming Affholter
CIS 217 Mobile Development 1 Dickey
CIS 230 PHP 1 Dickey
CIS 253 Connecting Networks Kier
CIS 282 Programming Principles 1 Jones
CIS 286 CISCO Eng. Technology Jones, Kier
CJ 104 Intro to Policing Reade
CMST 101 Introduction to Communication Anderson, Hudson, Seppa- Salisbury, Smith, Struble, Vogel
CMST 210 Interpersonal Communication Anderson, Hudson, Seppa- Salisbury, Smith, Struble, Vogel
CMST 226 Gender Communication Seppa-Salisbury, Trujillo
CMST 227 Intercultural Communication Seppa- Salisbury, Smith, Struble, Trujillo, Vogel, Wizner
CMST 250 Conflict Management Seppa-Salisbury
CMST 280 Public Relations Hudson
CMST 287 Bus & Prof. Communication Anderson
CMST 294 Special Topics In Speech Wizner
ECON 202 Macro Economics Osborne
EDUC 202 Introduction to Education Olson, Holmes
EDUC 204 Introduction to Special Education Olson, Holmes
EDUC 267 Classroom Experience Olson, Holmes
ENG 101 English Composition Burns, Cordero, Lambert, Miller, Stripes, Owings
ENG 102 English Composition 2 Burns, Miller, Orme, Owings
ENG 249 American Literature since 1865 Orme
ENG 99 Improvement of Writing Cordero
ESL 1 English as a Second Language Graham
ESL 4 English as a Second Language Sylia
ESL 5/6 English as a Second Language Momono, Popchock, Nemri-Weber
GUID 102 Strategies for Success Graham
HUM 201 Humanities Past, Present, Future Sharp
LA 100 Legal Careers Orientation Bradbury
LA 101 Introduction to Para legalism Presley
LA 125 Law Office Procedures and Technology Bradbury, Presley
LA 130 Legal Ethics Bradbury
LA 205 Contracts Presley
LA 207 Domestic Relations and Estate Law Presley
LA 241 Evidence Bradbury
MATH 107 Math in Society Nemri, Humphrey
MSEC 120 Therapeutic Communication Graese
MSEC 121 Medical Office Reception Graese
PHIL 101 Intro to Philosophy Bagwell, Roth
POLSCI 125 Global Issues Huseby, Buckley
POLSCI 202 American Government Huseby, Buckley
POLSCI 203 International Relations Huseby
PSYCH 100 General Psych Taylor
PSYCH 200 Lifespan Psych Taylor
SOC 101 Introduction To Sociology Lindekugle, Tedescoe
SOC 201 Social Problems Lindekugle
SOC 221 Race and Ethics Relations Lindekugle
SPAN 122 Spanish 2 Huebener
SPAN 123 Spanish 3 Huebener
SPAN 221 Spanish 4 Huebener
SPAN 222 Spanish 5 Huebener
SPAN 223 Spanish 6 Huebener


SCC Peace Studies logo

Earning a Peace Studies Certificate

Many of our faculty across SCC are building Peace Studies into their regular coursework.
General Peace Studies Certificate: Earn up to 10 credits in Peace Studies Courses
Advanced Peace Studies Certificate: Earn up to 15 credits in Peace Studies Courses

  1. Fill out the Application for Peace Studies

  2. Attach an unofficial transcript with your Peace Studies courses highlighted. (All must be taken at SCC with a minimum grade of 2.0.)

  3. Submit application to Angela Wizner (Building 1, Room B208C) or by email at Your certificate will be processed and mailed to you.