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Division of Arts and Sciences
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If you’re a creative person interested in art and design, consider enrolling in one of SCC’s art courses. Art, in its myriad forms, engages the mind and senses. It can inspire, enlighten, and cause us to ponder. Learning to create effective art and design is challenging and rewarding. Our highly-qualified instructors will challenge and inspire you to sharpen your skills and reach your highest level of creative potential.

Whether you’re seeking a certificate, planning to transfer to a four-year university, or taking courses for personal enrichment or professional advancement, these classes can help you reach your goals. You’ll learn about the principles of design, why they matter, and how to apply them to your own work. You’ll also develop an appreciation for aesthetics and the cultural and historical context of art. Our instructors offer individualized attention to help you fulfill your passions and attain academic and professional goals.