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We are here to assist you in:
  • Career and Occupation Research
  • Career and Self-Assessments
  • Resume Tips and More
  • Scholarship Opportunities
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Want to hire an SCC student?

What is the Value of Experiential Learning to the Employer?

Employers involved in experiential learning repeatedly site the following as unique benefits from the program:

  • Offers employers a cost-effective program for recruiting highly qualified and talented students to meet company needs
  • Allows employers to select students from resumes and applications and decide who to interview and hire
  • Frees up regular full-time staff to pursue higher level projects
  • Provides highly motivated students who quickly attain a high level of productivity
  • Meets peak or seasonal needs without a long-term commitment
  • Permits flexible work scheduling
  • Provides the opportunity to observe and evaluate prospective employees under actual working conditions
Worker retraining

If you have employees who need to obtain new skills in order to remain employed, the Worker Retraining Program may be able to help fund part of the training. Contact us: (509) 533-8056