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2018-2019 SFCC ASG President


Malvika Shriwas - SFCC Associate Student Government PresidentPlease meet Ms. Malvika Shriwas, current international student from India and President of the Associated Student Government (ASG) at Spokane Falls Community College! The ASG seeks to enhance the engagement, support and livelihood of students attending the Community Colleges of Spokane and Malvika is no stranger to this initiative. She enjoys the sense of community that ASG brings to campus and the journey of everyone coming together for self-growth in leadership and team bonding. She has also been a proponent of using her own and others’ voices for the betterment of the community and those around her, such as creating awareness and voicing ideas to improve the Washington State higher education system.

Malvika also sees connection and contribution within the SFCC and Spokane community. At SFCC, she is a friendly and supportive person in the halls of the buildings as well as a helpful and familiar face for SFCC students walking around campus. Her involvement in ASG has also given her the chance to bring volunteer and work opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds making sure that the faces of ASG are a reflection of the diverse student body. In the Spokane community, Malvika sees Spokane as intentionally kind where people care about her own and others’ livelihoods. Malvika herself seeks to be connected, creative, and kind every day, making her a significant and essential part of the Community Colleges of Spokane community.



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3/13/2019 4:33:02 PM

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