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Student working at welding table at SCC Student working at welding table at SCC

What is Financial Aid?

Sources of Aid

At Spokane Community College (SCC), we use the term "financial aid" for all types of funding beyond what you can pay for yourself. Money can come from loans, grants, scholarships or paid employment programs like work study. Let’s first explore the different sources of aid in more detail.

Your Aid Package

The first step is to complete your FAFSA. After SCC receives your FAFSA and required paperwork, we mail you or email you information on the types of aid you're eligble to receive. Your aid package may consist of many different sources of aid. Let's explore the different types of aid.


Federal, state and institutional grants are another type of aid that do not get repaid. Grants are awarded based on your FAFSA, financial aid budget, other aid you receive and the SCC financial aid packaging policy.

Work Study

The work study program offers employment for students while you study. Work study programs often partner with an area of study offering valuable job experience and practical knowledge.


Loans are funds that must be repaid by the student, or with the Parent PLUS loan, by the parent.  Loans help students defer the costs of their education until after graduation or when they are no longer enrolled at least half time.


Scholarships are funds you do not repay. The money comes from local high schools, employers, the Community Colleges of Spokane Foundation and other private. Students can apply for as many scholarships as they are qualify for. Most application deadlines are in late winter or early spring for the upcoming fall quarter.

Veterans Benefits

Are you a veteran? Are you looking for information or assistance with the GI Bill®? The SCC Veterans Services Office at SCC can help.

Specially Funded Programs

SCC participates in a few special programs meant to increase access to higher education for certain marginalized goups.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site.