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Students sitting at a table in the library Students sitting at a table in the library

Receiving Your Money - Disbursements

Financial aid funds will be automatically applied to your tuition when you register for classes each quarter. Students are responsible for paying any remaining balances by the payment due date each quarter. Visit paying your tuition for more details. Remaining financial aid funds will come back as a refund disbursement.

Getting Your Refund

SCC uses BankMobile for all disbursements. You do not have to use a BankMobile product, but you must create an account and select the option you prefer to receive your funds.

Step 1: Look for the bright green envelope you may have received in the mail or an email from BankMobile. Use the personal code to connect your account at the refund selection website

Step 2: Select your preferred refund disbursement option:

  • Electronic transfer (ACH) to an another bank account (refunds available 2-3 business days after funds are released to BankMobile)

  • Receive a paper check in the mail from BankMobile (refunds are available 5-7 business days after the funds are released to BankMobile)
  • Electronic deposit to a BankMobile Vibe account, a no monthly fee checking account (refunds available on the first day of the quarter or the day CCS releases them to BankMobile)

Please Note: If a refund preference has not been selected, SCC will mail a check to the student's primary addresss on file within fourteen calendar days.

Frequently Asked Questions