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In this section

we go over common questions for students that are new to the FAFSA process. We talk about what the FAFSA is, how to prepare, when to apply and how it will affect your application, registration and payment to Spokane Community College.

If you’re already familiar with the process, visit now to start your application, learn about the process in more detail or log into your account to add a school, make corrections, view your Student Aid Report (SAR) and more.

What is the FAFSA?

FAFSA stands for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This online application collects your personal and financial information, then uses your profile to see how much aid you’re eligible for. There are many different types of funding that are awarded depending on your need for assistance.

When is the FAFSA Due?

Every year the FAFSA opens for new applications on October 1. Students can then apply for aid and loans until June 30; however, you must complete your financial aid process before the priority funding date deadline each summer/fall, winter and spring quarter to ensure your aid is in place before tuition is due.

While students can apply anytime between October 1 - June 30, it’s always better to get your application in as early as possible, as some funds do run out. That’s why the SCC financial aid office sets a quarterly deadline called the priority funding deadline. This date signifies the latest date that the financial aid office should receive confirmation of your FAFSA application and required documents in order for your funds to be ready in time to pay your tuition.

Important FAFSA Deadlines

FAFSA Opens Anually
(for the upcoming
academic year)
FAFSA Closes Anually
(for the current
academic year)
Priority Funding Deadline
October 1
June 30

Getting Started with the FAFSA

Need Help Filling out Your FAFSA



IRS Data Retrieval Tool

Need Help With the IRS Data Retrieval tool?



The FAFSA4caster is a tool on the FAFSA website that asks for some basic information and returns an estimate of the aid you’re eligible. The tool also provides general estimates for other school related costs that can help you start budgeting for all your college costs.

Net Price Calculator

The net price calculator is a tool managed by the state of Washington that takes real tuition and fees associated with SCC allows you to enter your expected amount of aid and returns an estimated cost for your education. Many students will use this tool after using the FAFSA4caster tool.