Application Packet
Application Packet

This program is commonly referred to as "Echo". Echocardiography technologists use sophisticated computers and cutting-edge technology to create and read sound waves in order to capture videos and images of the heart. These ultrasounds allow us to see into the body without pain or radiation so cardiologists can evaluate the function of the heart and plan possible treatment.

SCC's two-year program focuses on the adult heart and diseases that affect it. However, you also work with pediatric patients and even discuss the heart in the fetus. You become internationally registered by one of two international credentialing agencies that allow you to literally work anywhere in the world.

The first year of the program is the learning in the classroom with laboratory experience on real equipment and real people. Later, you begin clinical rotations in hospitals and clinics and work on real cardiac patients. During the final six months of the program, students are placed full-time in a clinical setting, refining their skills and preparing to work. During this time, many students are placed in clinical sites throughout the U.S. A few students are able to stay in Spokane.

You will be among the highest paid and most sought after allied health workers, including nursing. You can work in a large variety of healthcare facilities ranging from hospitals to clinics and even administration or sales.

Technical Standards

Echo/NCT Technologists must be able to:

  1. Lift more than 50 pounds routinely
  2. Push and pull routinely
  3. Bend and stoop routinely
  4. Have full use of both hands, wrists, and shoulders
  5. Distinguish audible sounds
  6. Adequately view sonograms, including color distinctions
  7. Work standing on their feet 80% of the time
  8. Interact compassionately and effectively with the sick or injured
  9. Assist patient on and off examining tables
  10. Communicate effectively with patients and other health care professionals
  11. Organize and accurately perform the individual steps in a sonographic procedure in the proper sequence

Reference: Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography


The Cardiovascular Technology Programs (Invasive and ECHO) are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (www.caahep.org) upon the recommendation of the Joint Review Committee for Cardiovascular Technology (www.jrccvt.org).

To contact the accrediting agencies:

25400 U.S. Highway 19 North, Suite 158
Clearwater, FL 33763
6 Pine Knoll Dr.
Beverly, MA 01915-1425

Health Science Students Clinical Files

Students must have their health science clinical files completed before they attend clinical. Students reentering the programs or entering with advanced standing, must update their files before attending clinical.

All required paperwork is to be turned in to the health science office: Building 9, Room 132.


  • (Students must bring in a copy; the office is not equipped to make copies for students.)
  • Liability insurance - must be purchased from the SCC cashier; bring in a copy of your receipt.
  • Medical insurance - bring in a copy of your medical insurance card or purchase medical insurance from the SCC cashier and bring in a copy of your receipt. (If you have SCC medical insurance, it must be updated each quarter and a copy of your receipt must be brought in for your file.)
  • CPR - bring in a copy of a current CPR card (within the last year). This must be updated annually as long as you are in the program, and a copy must be kept on file.

Originals required

  • TB test - bring in documented results of two- step TB test (two separate tests within the last year). Must show results and be signed and dated by a healthcare provider. The TB test must be within the last year and updated annually in your file as long as you are in the program and a copy on file.
  • DT - Diphtheria/Tetanus vaccination within the last 10 years. Must be signed and dated by a healthcare provider.
  • MMR - Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccination or a titer for each of the diseases showing immunity. Must be signed and dated by healthcare provider.
  • A photo copy of your shot card may be substituted for the above immunizations (TB, DT, MMR).
  • Physical - current physical - signed and dated by the physician. Use Health Science physical form.
  • Drug screening - mandatory drug screening through Pathology Associates - results of which will be sent to the Dean by the lab. Students need to turn in a copy of their receipt for their file.
  • Hepatitis B form - SCC form - completed and turned in for file.
  • Chicken Pox form - SCC form - completed and turned in for file.
  • Flu Vaccine form - SCC form - completed and turned in for file.
  • Clinical Agreement form - SCC form - completed and turned in for file.
  • WSP and Disclosure/Authorization - Washington State Patrol background investigation form and release of information form.
  • Students are advised to keep a copy of their physical, TB test results and immunizations for their own records. Potential employers will be requesting this same documentation and the school is not responsible for providing such documentation.
  • Students who change programs or are reentering a program with advanced standing: previous files are not considered current and many file requirements will have to be updated.
  • It is the student's responsibility to maintain their own medical and personal records. You will need them again when you apply for employment in the medical field.
  • It is in your best interest to obtain a documented shot record from your healthcare provider and keep that record, along with updates, in a safe, accessible place in your personal file. It is also important for you to keep a copy of your CPR card and physical. The Health Science office does not provide copies.
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If you have general questions regarding the ECHO program, its entry requirements, or the admissions process, please contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members for assistance:

For more information...
For more information:
SCC Admissions Office
(509) 533-8020 or
(800) 248-5644 ext. 8020
All course offerings are subject to change. The college cannot guarantee class offerings, designated times or specific instructors - as funding levels and student interest may affect whether or not an offering is available.

Click on the course title to view course description.

Course Title Credits
ECHO 100Introduction to Echo and Vascular 2.0
ECHO 112Vascular Fundamentals 4.0
ECHO 116Acute Coronary Syndrome 1.0
ECHO 117Cardiovascular Pharm 1 1.0
ECHO 122Vascular Procedures I 4.0
ECHO 125Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation I 5.0
ECHO 126Hemodynamics 2.0
ECHO 127Technical Skills/Reading Hemodynamics 1.0
ECHO 128Cardiovascular Pharm 2 1.0
ECHO 129Technical Skills/Pharmacology 1.0
ECHO 131Core Concepts in Echo Vasc 2.0
ECHO 133Echo Fundamentals 5.0
ECHO 135Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation II 5.0
ECHO 136Comparative Imaging Analysis 3.0
ECHO 138Cardiovascular Physiology 4.0
ECHO 139Surgical Asepsis 1.0
ECHO 140Technical Skills/Surgical Asepsis 1.0
ECHO 141Data Collection and Presentation 3.0
ECHO 142Echo Clinical Preparation 4.0
ECHO 143Echo Clinical I 6.0
ECHO 213Electrophysiology 4.0
ECHO 251Echocardiography Clinical II 6.0
ECHO 252Cardiovascular Pathophysiology 1.0
ECHO 253Echocardiography I 6.0
ECHO 254Technical Skills Echocardiography I 2.0
ECHO 255Research Methods and Biostatistics 3.0
ECHO 261Echocardiography Clinical III 14.0
ECHO 263Echocardiography II 7.0
ECHO 264Technical Skills Echo II 2.0
ECHO 273Echocardiography Clinical IV 14.0
ECHO 299Independent Studies in Noninvasive Cardiovascular Technology 1.0-13.0