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Becky Scheid

The CPR Club promotes leadership, health education, and community service through ongoing activities. The club is currently composed of first- and second-year students in the invasive cardiovascular and respiratory care programs. During the first year, all students become CPR instructors. Our club has over 50 members, all available for CPR courses on campus and in the community on a volunteer basis. We make a difference not only in CPR skill completion, but also in leading a positive, healthy lifestyle. We hold classes annually for over 500 college students, community members, and medical personnel. The CPR Club sponsors Respiratory Care Week each October and Heart Month activities each February. The club also has the basketball hoop toss each year as part of Halloween family night, holds food drives during finals week and supports professional workshops. We find ourselves getting involved wherever we are needed. Currently, 14 Allied Health instructors and four Nursing instructors have successfully completed the requirements to be CPR instructors and join us in providing quality CPR training for our campus.

Meeting are held  quarterly on an as needed. CPR Club is located in Health Science Bldg., room 9. A bulletin board located between rooms 205 and 208 is the primary location for posting information.