A People's History of Spokane Community College


In our humble opinion, there are at least two things to take away from this far-from-comprehensive, far-from-scholarly "People's History of Spokane Community College."

First, we stand on the fine, broad shoulders of men and women who created and nurtured this special haven of higher education with vision, vigor, and commitment. Mistakes were made along the way. But, fortunate for us and the students we serve and have served, profound moments of genius far outnumbered them. These moments have stood the test of time and continue to transform students.

And the second takeaway? You've got fine, broad shoulders yourself. Square them up and get ready. You are now part of SCC's rich history. Someday, someone will stand on your shoulders. And thank you.

Compiled by the SCC President's Office and CCS Marketing and Public Relations Office
September 2010