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Equity and Diversity

Celebrating Diversity
Explore and celebrate diversity -- join a club. SCC has many clubs promoting culture, understanding and providing resources for students.
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Equity and Diversity Advisory Council

SCC strives to create a campus community with a richly diverse intellectual and social environment where equal opportunity and equal protection are afforded to all. The college's Equity and Diversity Advisory Council (EDAC) was created to pursue that vision.

EDAC Meetings are held in the Student Activities Conference Room in the Lair (Building 6) and generally take place on the fourth Tuesday of each month with the exception of summer quarter.

EDAC Mission

The SCC EDAC is an Advisory Council. Our mission is to create a diverse campus community in which students, employees, and community partners are treated with respect and dignity. We believe our campus is greatly enriched by the presence of people with diverse backgrounds and cultural perspectives.

In order to achieve such an environment, we will provide recommendations annually to the College Alliance and administrators that:

  1. Identify and remove practices and structures that discriminate, marginalize, or oppress certain groups of people
  2. Increase diversity among our student body and our employees
  3. Support diversity-based initiatives on campus and within the community

EDAC Purpose

The Council's purpose is to support the college's mission of being a leader in providing accessible and affordable educational opportunities responsive to the needs of our diverse population. In addition to providing coordination of the college's diversity initiatives, the EDAC will focus on the following major areas: student success, teaching and training, employee recruitment and retention, social justice, and community relations.


DECCIO Excellence in Equity Award

The Deccio Excellence in Equity Award is an award in memory of Gary Deccio. Gary was an instructor in Human Services at SFCC who devoted his life to providing local community support services for families in distress and modeling his commitment to equity through fairness, dignity and respect for others. When Gary passed away in 1990, during his third year of teaching, his sense of empathy, fairness, and passion was missed. In Gary's memory, Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS) initiated an annual award to recognize a member of the CCS community who has furthered the cause of equity and diversity.

The award is based on three (3) criteria:

  1. A demonstrated commitment to the principles of equity and respect for others in the nominee’s public and personal life
  2. A commitment to fostering an appreciation for diversity and the strengths it brings to CCS
  3. A commitment to the mission of CCS "to provide a quality, multi-cultural, comprehensive, student-centered education and life-long learning opportunities accessible to all individuals who can benefit"

2017 DECCIO Award Winner

DECCIO Award Recipient
Recipient Darlene Rickett & CCS Chancellor Christine Johnson

2017 DECCIO Award Nominees and Recipient

Ramona Barhorst - SCC
Bonnie Brunt - SFCC
Norma Cantu - SCC
Sherri Carroll - SCC
Karen Clark - SCC (Posthumous)
Mark Doerr - SFCC (Retired)
Gordon Grove - SCC
Jeannie Isern - SCC
Dianne Oberst - SCC
Claudine Richardson - SFCC
Darlene Rickett - SFCC (RECIPIENT)
Robert Robinson - SFCC
Angela Smith (Finnie) - SCC
Katherine Thompson - CCS
Molly Thorpe - SFCC
Laura Woods - SFCC
Vance Youmans - SFCC