Spokane Community College's faculty, administrators and staff value each and every student's intellectual and social development. We strongly believe education can't happen in a vacuum, and that students must be equally engaged in the classroom and with their campus community to succeed and thrive.

To make sure this happens, we rely on two important administrative offices - the Office of the Vice President for Learning and the Office of the Vice President of Student Services.

Our Vice President for Learning works closely with the college's academic divisions - arts and sciences, business and hospitality, health and environmental sciences, physical education and technical education - to ensure SCC's instructional programs meet high academic and industry standards, conform with state and federal requirements, and meet all accreditation and licensing criteria. The Vice President for Learning also works closely with individual students and with student groups, addressing issues related to academic performance and recognition.

College can be confusing and challenging at times. That is why there are many services available to answer your questions, lend support and maximize your success as a college student. The Vice President of Student Services oversees departments such as admissions, registration, financial aid, counseling/advising, placement testing, orientation and career/job placement. We also offer support for students with disabilities, veterans and multicultural students, as well as a student health clinic. Lastly, Student Services offers opportunities for students to get involved, including student government, clubs and special-interest organizations, and many special events offered on campus and at our off-campus centers each quarter.

Both administrators and the members of their staff are student-centered and focused on creating an environment at SCC where students succeed and meet their educational goals. The Vice President of Instruction is located in the Max Snyder Building on the north side of campus, and the Vice President of Student Services is located in the Lair. Stop by and introduce yourself when you have a chance!

Office of the Vice President of Instruction
Phone: (509) 533-7075
Fax: (509) 533-7321

Mail Stop: MS 2150

Office of the Vice President of Student Services
Phone: (509) 533-7015
Fax: (509) 533-7321

Mail Stop: MS 2150

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