Software Development


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How has the program been improved?

  • Quicker path to graduation: credits trimmed from 105 down to 93
  • Added new technology courses: Ruby on Rails, Agile development, AJAX
  • Added soft skills courses: Project Management Applications, Project Management, and Job Preparation Techniques
  • Modernized curriculum for high profile courses: ASP.NET, .NET Application Development, JavaScript, Web Design, XHTML, Graphics for the Web, DBMS/SQL, and Ruby

If you're looking for quick and effective retraining, we have a certificate for you!

Web Design (15 credits)
XHTML, Graphics for the Web, Website Design

Web Developer (20 credits)
JavaScript, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, Agile development

.NET Developer (15 credits)
DBMS/SQL, .NET Application Development, ASP.NET

Computer Science (15 credits)
Introduction to Programming, Beginning Ruby, Advanced Ruby

Featured Software Development Courses

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Agile Development

CIS 272 - Agile Software Development

  • Learn what Agile Development is
  • Learn about different agile methodologies
  • Learn about what practices make a good agile developer
  • Communicate with customers
  • Work in a team of developers
  • Learn about common agile techniques like testing source code, source control management, integrating code, and automation

Ruby on Rails

CIS 284 - Ruby on Rails

  • See what the Ruby on Rails buzz is all about
  • Get up to speed on developing modern database-enabled web applications
  • Incorporate AJAX and database functionality more quickly than other web frameworks allow

Software Development Certificates

The Software Development program offers six different certificates:

  • .NET Developer (15 credits)
  • Computer Science (15 credits)
  • Web Design (15 credits)
  • Web Developer (20 credits)
  • Mobile Development (MSD, 15 Credits)
  • Mobile Health Software Development (30 Credits)
    • MSD + CAHIMS
    • CAHIMS certification prep demonstrates knowledge mobile software development, facilitating entry-level careers in health IT

Consult the Program Guide for detailed information.

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