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DECA, the Distributive Education Clubs of America, is a national organization composed of high school students, college students, and advisors. In addition to local chapters, there are also state-level and national organizations.

The DECA Leadership Club's general meeting takes place each Wednesday from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. in Building 1, Room 1217.


It's easy to overlook DECA in the booklet of course listings, but it is a class and can be taken for 1-3 credits each quarter depending on your level of involvement. It's difficult to adequately describe the benefits of DECA as a learning tool. In the course of a year, each DECA member has the opportunity to serve as a member or chair of numerous committees, to become a club officer, to attend leadership conferences, to compete at state and international career development conferences, and to meet people from around the United States as well as Puerto Rico, Canada, and China. If you take advantage of all these opportunities, you will learn much more than you would expect and have loads of fun participating in DECA!


DECA students get involved in community service projects that most students do not and have a lot of fun in the process. A committee is formed for each project. Each committee has a chair that is in charge of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the project. Chairing a committee is a great way to expand your leadership abilities and team building skills. Some of the projects in which DECA takes part include the Tree of Sharing, SCC Family Fun Night, Muscular Dystrophy Association Shamrock Drive, Earth Day Celebration, and the SCC Blood Drive. DECA also hosts the Regional High School DECA Competition.

DEC is known as an association of marketing and management students but welcomes students from many other areas of study. It is a fun learning experience that will also set your resume apart from all the others.

Collegiate DECA

The DECA Creed

I believe in the future which I am planning for myself in the field of marketing and management, and in the opportunities which my vocation offers.

I believe in fulfilling the highest measure of service to my vocation, my fellow beings, my country and my God - that by so doing, I will be rewarded with personal satisfaction and material wealth.

I believe in the democratic philosophies of private enterprise and competition, and in the freedoms of this nation - that these philosophies allow for the fullest development of my individual abilities.

I believe that by doing my best to live according to these high principles, I will be of greater service both to myself and to mankind.


DECA Constitution and Bylaws

History and Development of DECA

In 1958, some states began sending delegates from post-secondary institutions to the National Leadership Conference in an effort to establish DECA Chapters in such institutions, In 1961, this effort resulted in an amendment to the National DECA Constitution which allowed the Post-Secondary Division to be established.

The Post-Secondary Division also known as "Junior College" Division was open for membership to those marketing and distribution education students who were enrolled in less than baccalaureate degree programs.

In 1982, the Junior Collegiate Division held its first National Leadership Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

In 1982, the name of the division was changed to "Delta Epsilon Chi". In that same year, membership in the organization was extended to the marketing, management, and merchandising students in four year colleges and universities.

Beginning with a membership of 385 members in 20 chapters, DECA has grown to its present membership of over 8,400 members in over 260 chapters in 33 states and Canada.

What is DECA at Spokane Community College?

Dedication - Being dedicated to the club and its activities to undertake projects with the responsibility to carry them to their completion

Enthusiasm - Having the excitement and motivation for succeeding in any activity the club may undertake

Commitment - A commitment to the club, committees, advisors, and yourself in a "learning by doing" approach to becoming a successful leader

The Above Combined with Energy - Taking the time and effort to make each project a worthwhile learning experience to yourself and others

Goals of DECA

  • To develop leadership characteristics in members
  • To develop self-confidence and self-esteem
  • To develop greater understanding of our private and competitive enterprise system
  • To further develop professional competencies needed for careers in marketing, merchandising, and management
  • To develop high ethical standards in personal and professional relationships
  • To develop greater proficiency in communication
  • To develop a healthy competitive spirit
  • To develop effective international awareness
  • To develop greater appreciation of the responsibilities of citizenship on the campus, in the community and country
  • To develop social and business etiquette skills
  • To develop participation in planned professional and social activities
  • To have fun while learning!