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Three female students taking a selfi together - outdoors Three female students taking a selfi together - outdoors

What is the GED®?

  • If you didn’t graduate from high school, the GED® (General Educational Development) tests can help you earn a high school equivalency certificate. Tests are available in English and Spanish.
  • Why is it important? A GED® opens doors — to college, training programs, the military, better jobs and career advancement. It's the first step to building a better future.
  • Most colleges and employers accept the GED® as being equivalent to a high school diploma.

Getting Ready to Take the Tests

If you have been out of school for a while, you may want to take some GED® prep classes before you take the GED® tests. We offer classes in math, language arts, reading, social studies and science.

You can take GED preparation classes either in person or online.

Tuition for GED® prep classes is $25 per quarter. If you need help paying for the classes, financial assistance may be available.

The fee for GED® testing is $30 per test and there are four tests. For more information about prep classes, please contact: 509-533-7221.

Taking the GED® Test

Are you ready to take the GED® test? Go to, create an account and access the tools available.

Please mail or deliver the notarized form for processing to:
SCC Testing Center
1810 N Greene St., MS 2160
Spokane , WA 99217
Within 72 hours of receipt and approval, you will be permitted to continue with the registration process.

GED® testing is available at:
Spokane Community College
1810 N Greene St.
Building 16 - Learning Resource Center, Room 127
Spokane , WA 99217

How much time will the testing take?

The GED® test has four sections, and you can take one test at a time, or take up to four in one day.

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts: Two hours, 35 minutes
  • Math: Two hours, 5 minutes
  • Science: One hour, 35 minutes
  • Social Studies: One hour, 15 minutes

The fee for all four tests is $120 or $30 per test.
Go to to schedule a test or call 509-533-7074​​ for more information.

GED® Transcripts

Transcripts are available by going to Select “Transcripts”. You will be directed to create an account. Transcript fee is $15.00

Adult Basic Education Learning Centers

We teach adults in many convenient locations. Call us to find the center located closest to you. We are here to help.
You can also call one of the centers listed below to get started:

Spokane: 509-533-7221
Colville: 509-685-2120 or 1-800-276-8040
Newport: 509-447-3553 or 1-888-323-2399
Pullman: 509-332-2706 or 1-888-743-4767
Republic: 509-775-3675 or 1-800-276-8040 ext. 5405