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PACE classes are for students with disabilities who want to improve their career, life, or basic academic skills. We cover a variety of topics, including Career Preparation, Communication, English, Health & Wellness, Humanities, Life Skills, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Our classes focus on covering basic concepts and are adapted to meet our students’ educational needs.  

These classes are for students who have exited high school and may have had an IEP or 504 while in school. A diploma is not necessary for participation. There is no cost to eligible students for PACE courses. Some industry-recognized certificates may have an associated cost.


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An illustration of students standing around a stack of books. An illustration of students standing around a stack of books.


High School Transition

High school students, aged 18-21 with an IEP, may take PACE classes with the permission of their school. Modeled after Running Start, the student’s school pays for the classes. Participating school districts contract PACE to provide this service.

PACE Certificate

PACE offers a completion certificate for our students. In order to earn a PACE certificate, students must complete (pass) a series of 30 different classes in our seven different competency areas. This certificate will demonstrate to future employers the knowledge gained by students during their time at PACE and will also celebrate the achievements of our students.