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Winter 2021


Supported Education & Employment Enhancing Rehabilitation


  • guides students in making career and educational decisions
  • builds skills for employment, volunteering or credit class success
  • facilitates the transition into college, employment or volunteer positions
  • offers information and practice on finding and using school and job resources and skills
  • provides personal support in coping with school and job stresses

Please read the enclosed packet regarding eligibility and readiness criteria as well as information about specific services/classes and how to register.


  • 18 years of age or older (some exceptions may be made)
  • Presence of a psychiatric disability
  • No existing debt with the Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS)
  • Have not exceeded the maximum number of times enrolled in any one class
  • Desire and intent to pursue employment, education or volunteer activities
  • Ability to participate fully given the academic requirements of the classes


  1. Do you agree to the purpose, content, activities and outcome products of the classes/services?

  2. Can you demonstrate commitment with consistent class attendance, participation and completion of assignments?

  3. Will you abide by the college’s guidelines for student behavior as described in the student code of conduct agreement?

  4. Can you demonstrate through your communication and behavior, a desire to make changes, internal or external, in your life?

  5. Can you demonstrate through communication and behavior that you value productive activity as an important part of your life?

  6. Can you demonstrate through communication and behavior recognition that your disability may impact productive capacities?

  7. Can you demonstrate through communication and behavior a willingness to develop skills; strategies etc. that will help you overcome any existing barriers to be able to pursue educational, vocational or volunteer roles in the community?



  1. We ask that you enroll as soon as possible for the upcoming quarter. Classes are filled on a space-available basis and may fill up.

  2. You may register by completing the online registration forms and emailing them to or faxing them to us.  Email is the fastest way to register.

  3. Please list the class(es) you are registering for.

  4. Include a copy of your Provider One card when you mail in your forms (if you receive one).

  5. If faxing documents, please call to verify the office has received them. The fax number is 509-279-6216. Please complete all forms, sign all forms and LIST DESIRED CLASSES before faxing.


CLASS DESCRIPTIONS  (**Denotes Continuous Enrollment)

**Adult Basic Education: Provides basic instruction to adults in preparation for GED coursework, and to increase employability.  Students entering or preparing for credit classes may also ‘brush up' on basic academics. (**Class may be joined at any time in the quarter.)

To access the necessary forms for registration, click the link.
PACE/SEER noncredit registration
PACE/SEER Face Sheet
Student Code of Conduct