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College in the High School At-a-Glance

  • Spokane Community College (SCC) has agreements with high schools to have college-level classes delivered by high school teachers under the mentorship of SCC faculty.

  • College quarter courses are taught in a high school semester. The learning outcomes match those of the applicable college courses and use the same tests and assessments as determined by the SCC faculty mentor/liaison. 

  • The classes might be blended with students who are seeking college credit and those who are only receiving high school credit.

  • High school teachers meet qualifications for the appropriate college department as approved by the department chair and dean.

  • School districts are responsible for providing student books and supplies.

  • School districts are responsible for all compensation and expense payments to high school teachers. 

  • SCC faculty liaisons are required to mentor high school faculty in course curriculum.

  • SCC faculty liaisons are required to complete a minimum of one classroom observation per mentee each semester.

  • Students pay $50 per college credit for each class. (Note: Some school districts may have grants to assist or cover tuition and fees.)

Standards for College in the High School

  • SCC and the high school conduct intentional and effective collaboration.

  • Prospective high school faculty are vetted by corresponding SCC department faculty.

  • High school faculty complete required college human resources paperwork and attend professional development as directed.

  • College in the High School courses have the same departmental designation, course description, numbers, titles and credits.

  • Concurrent enrollment courses reflect the learning objectives of SCC.

  • High schools assist SCC with providing suitable access to learning resources and student support services.

  • High school teachers attend SCC faculty  liaison-led site visits.

  • High schools review end-of-term student course evaluations with faculty liaison. 

    Concurrent Enrollment form
    SCC Instructor Approval Flowchart
    SCC Instructor Handbook