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1969-70 SFCC Men's Track and Field

1969-70 SFCC Men's Track & Field teamThe 1969-1970 SFCC men’s track and field team was selected for their effort in winning the WAACC Team Championship for the first time in school history. The team was coached by Mike Keller who was named WAACC Coach of the Year for Track and Field in just his second year at SFCC and Les Rurey served as his assistant coach. SFCC hosted the meet for the first time and scored 133 points to rout Everett in second with 65 points and Green River in third with 54 points. 17 Community College teams competed in the championship meet. SFCC, who had five individual champions, was led by Phil Burkwist from Lewis and Clark HS, who won both the mile (4:08.7 meet record) and two mile (9:24.5). Other Spokane winners included; Brad Nave in the discus (160’7”) and Spike Walker with a meet record in the shot put (57’3 1/4”). Walker also placed second in the discus at 153’9”. Bill Hodgson set a meet record in the Javelin (219’4”) and also placed fourth in the shot at 49’4”. Other Spokane athletes who placed in the meet included; George Reed (TJ, 46’ 1/4”; LJ, 23’5 1/4”), Bob Alexander (100, 10.2), Gary Lewis (120HH, 15.1; 440IM, 55.7), John Blaylock (mile, 4:19; two mile, 9:31.3), Willie Hernandez (two mile, 9:34.5), Scott Lloyd (mile, 4:20.5), John Lopez (mile, 4:20.8), Dave Probst (mile, 4:21.9), and Rex Gilbert (PV, 14’4”). Others on the championship team roster included Bill Bloom, Dave Burnham, Mark Cornelison, Gary Elibee, Ken Fraizer, Jim Greene, Ron Grosz, Larry Hone, Randy Kramer, Nick Lazanis, Bernard Rembert, Dan Rowlands, Bill Smith, Scott Tilton and Gary Wheelhouse.

1970-71 SFCC Men's Track and Field

1970-71 Men's Track & Field WAACC ChampionsThe 1970-1971 SFCC men’s track and field team was selected for their success in winning the WAACC Team Championship for the second straight year by scoring 150 points. The meet was hosted by SFCC and saw Everett finish second with 56 points and Seattle take third with 45 points. Mike Keller was named WAACC men’s track and field Coach of the Year for the second straight year and was again aided by assistant coach Les Rurey. The team had four individual champions in addition to winning the mile relay. Phil Burkwist won the mile (4:11.3) and two mile (9:10.3 meet record) for his second straight year. Brad Nave in the discus (164’0”) and Spike Walker with a meet record in the shot put (61’3 1/4”) also won Individual Championships for their second year in a row. SFCC won the mile relay (3:13.8) with Bernard Rembert (440, 49.3), Jeff Hunter, Mike Reed (880, 1:53.2; LJ, 23’3 1/2”)and Gary Ellibee (LJ, 23’4 1/4”) all running championship legs for the team. Other SFCC athletes who placed in the championship meet include Willie Hernandez (two mile, 9:29.1), Chris White (two mile, 9:54.2), John Lopez (mile, 4:21.3; two mile, 9:57.6), Nick Lazanis (880, 1:56.2), Kelley Bonney (mile, 4:21.6), Jim Qualheim (TJ, 43’7.75”; 440 IM, 54.6), Bill Hodgson (D, 151’0”; SP, 52’3”; J, 232’3”), Steve Williams (D, 141’3”0), Scott Noltensmeire (HH, 15.3), Brad Wear (PV, 14’3”), Rex Gilbert (PV, 14’0”), Gary Day (LJ, 23’4 1/4”), Vacay Cempirek (J, 227’11’), and Bill Gregorson (J, 210’5”). Additional championship team members included Bob Alexander, Bob Barbero, Dave Burnham, Doug Cossette, Bob Easter, John Elden, Daryl Edenshaw, Al Gardner, Lee Hazelbaker, Tony Maucione, Ray Parks, Ed Roff, Jim Scorgie, Tom Sipp and Lyle Vernard.

1973-74 SCC Men's Track & Field

1973-74 SCC Men's Track & Field teamHead Coach John Buck, Assistant Coaches Max Jensen, Duane Hartman, and Ray Fabien. The 1974 SCC track and field team was one of the best, if not the best, men’s track teams in NWAACC history. The 1974 team won 12 individual events and scored 200 points in more than doubling the second place team. They won the NWAACC Track and Field Championship for the second consecutive year for Head Coach John Buck whose teams went on to win 11 championships in a row. The individual event winners were: Chris Braithwaite in the 100 (9.2r) and 220 (21.3), Reggie Brown in the 440 (48.7), Kurt Beckman in the three mile (13:48.4), Syd Lofton in the 120 HH (14.6) and 440 IM (55.3), Ray Hansen in the discus (158’8”), Howard Banks in the shot (51’9”), Steve Tripp in the javelin (211’1”), Ken Wenman in the pole vault (15’9”r), Keith Morgan, Ken Wenman, Gary Carew and Chris Braithwaite in the 440 relay (41.7), and Keith Morgan, John Klaus, Jim Williamson and Reggie Brown in the mile relay (3:16.1). This team had 14 athletes go on to four-year colleges and universities and had three athletes qualify for their Olympic team; Chris Braithwaite and Gary Carew (Trinidad) in the 100 and Ken Wenman (Canada) in the Pole Vault. Greg Alley, Drew Auclair, Pat Clifton, Ashwin Creed, Keith Cronrath, Denzil Davis, Robert Gauthier, Bryan Geissler, Greg Gustafson, Jim Hennessy, Ken Henry, Hugh Huck, Bill Hunt, Paul Keiper, Steve Kirk, Kevin Litwiller, Don Martin, Greg Mitchell, Tom McDowell, Claude Neuenschander, Fred Nyberg, Randy Rolph, Clayton Walkes, Rick Wittaker and Steve Wilson were all outstanding track and field athletes who competed on this championship team. This team beat Division I colleges and universities at invitational meets on a regular basis and never lost to any two-year colleges.

1975-76 Men's Track & Field Team

The 1975-76 SCC men’s track team was coached by head coach John Buck and assistants Max Jensen, Duane Hartman and Ray Fabian. Another great SCC track and field team, the 1976 team won the NWAACC Championship by setting an all-time record for the highest winning score (206 points) in NWAACC history. Individual athletes won eight NWAACC individual events in the championship meet. The team was led in the NWAACC meet by Gary Schaeffer in the Javelin with a record throw of 252’1.50”, Lloyd Brown in Triple Jump at 48’9”, Tom Larson in the Mile at 4:10.13, Dave Sullivan in the 440 with a 47:18r, Steve Kiesel in the 880 at 1:52.81, Dave McDuffie in the 440 IM at 53.58, Mike Andrews, Mark Robinson, Gene Farris and Dave McDuffie in the 440 Relay and Mike Andrews, Mark Robinson, Steve Kiesel and Stan Kerr in the Mile Relay (3:15.00r) as well as six second place winners. Greg Arlt, Dennis Armstrong, Al Balcom, John Boulton, Charles Cacek, Bill Darrah, Wayne Davis, Frank Dejak, Dan Estabrook, Adama Fall, Marty Flanagan, Clint Glass, Ken Guy, Mike Hadway, Randy Henry, Dan Koll, Dean Landreth, Bob LaShaw, Scott Marshall, Roy Martin, Guy Mease, Jim Moravec, Bill Morgan, Rod Pearsall, Mark Rednour, Bill Reynar, Tim Riley, Tom Rodgers, Greg Rooney, Russ Smith, Rich Stewart, Bart Taylor, Guy Tunnell and Brad Upton were also great track and field athletes who competed on this championship team. Spokane sent ten athletes on to D-1 colleges and universities as they won the NWAACC Championship for SCC for the third straight year. The 1976 SCC track team kept Spokane on pace towards a record 17 straight team NWAACC championships, 11 years under Coach John Buck and then six more under Coach Duane Hartman.

1982-83 Men's Track & Field team

The 1982-83 men’s track and field team was led by Duane Hartman in his first year as head coach of the Sasquatch. They won the NWAACC team championship with 223 points, edging out the second-place Bellevue squad who finished with 203. CCS NWAACC individual event champions were: John Spatz (decathlon, 6297 pts); Dennis Livingston (100,10.78), (200, 21.47), (LJ, 23’3 ¾”), 400 relay, 1600 relay;  Dan Shannon (400, 47.88), 400 relay, 1600 relay, (200, second); Cris Violette (800, 1:51.57); Ben Welch (5K, 15:00.89), (10K, second); Pat Kostecka (DIS, 164'1 1/2"), (SP, 51'10"); Randy Mendenhall (JAV, 220'11"); Keith Nelson (PV, 14'6"), (JAV, second); Brian Kennedy, 400 relay, 1600 relay, (400, fourth); Marlon Barrow, 400 relay; and Vernon Mickens, 1600 relay, (400, second). Other championship team members were Charles (Chip) Arthur (PV, sixth), Steve Barbieri (PV, second), Duke Batchelor, Mark Brady, Mike Brockway (JAV, third), Kenny Colston, Gregg Durkee, Sean Elkington (JAV, fifth), Robert Fasulo (400 IH, fifth), Pete Ferrell, Mike Flynn (DIS, second), Lorin French, Jeff Clidden, Clint Grassel (decathlon, fourth), Pat Harder, Mark Herbert, Juan Hogan, Pat Kenworthy, Keith Law, Mark Lowry, Mike Maw, James Miller (800, third), Jim Peckham, Mark Peckel, Bob Ricker, Vance Robinson, Mike Shill, George Smith,  Mike Stromme, Troy Tarbert (SP, second), Chris Vogel, Mike Waller, Anthony Wright (110HH, sixth), and Brady Wright (100, sixth; 110HH, fifth; 400IH, second). Assistant coaches were Dave Klysek and Bud Calbreath.

1983-84 Men's Track & Field team

1983-84 CCS Men's Track & Field teamThe 1983-84 men’s track and field team won their 13th straight NWAACC title and second in a row for head coach Duane Hartman. They scored 150.5 points in beating second place Bellevue who had 124. CCS individual event champions were: Brady Wright (decathlon, 6398 pts; 400IH, fifth; 110HH, fifth; PV, sixth); Vernon Mickens (400, 47.80; 400 relay; 1600 relay; 200, second); Randy Mendenhall (JAV, 243'8"); Brian Kennedy (400 relay, 1600 relay); James Poole (400 relay; 100, second; 200, fifth); Dennis Livingston (400 relay; 1600 relay; 100, second; LJ, second); Tony Apilado (1600 relay). Other championship team members were Charles (Chip) Arthur (PV, third), Curt Bagley, Steve Barbieri, Chad Beard, Kelly Brown (1500, fifth), Jeff Culler, Guy Davey, Robert Fasulo, Mike Flynn (DIS, second), John Geissler, Brian Hill (JAV, third), Stan Holman (SC, third; 5K, sixth), Al Horning, Randall Jones, Ken Korns, John Loran, Marc Lowry, Jeff Lyden, Mike Maw (SC, fourth), Mike Olma (JAV, second), Bob Pebles, Jerry Pope (LJ, fifth), Dave Ramsey (10K, fifth), Tom Ray, Tony Reed (TJ, fourth), Mike Riley, Jeff Schmidt (HJ, tie for sixth), Tim Scoles (SP, second), Troy Tarbert, Chris Vogel, and Anthony Wright. Assistant coaches were Dave Klysek and Gary Milton.

1984-85 Men's Track & Field Team

1984-85 CCS Men's Track & Field teamThe 1984-85 CCS men’s track and field team won their 14th straight NWAACC title for Spokane and third straight for Coach Hartman. Spokane finished with 161 points putting away second place Lane with 115 points. CCS individual event champions were: Phil Jesse (LJ, 22'10"; decathlon, third; TJ, fourth); Mike Olma (JAV, 214'8"); John Billingsley (HAM, 166'9"; DIS, third); Bill Ayears (400 relay; 100, third; LJ, third); Maurice Joseph (400 relay; 100, fourth); Al Horning (400 relay); Hogan Wrixon (400 relay; 400, second; 200, third). Other championship team members were Tony Apilado (400, fifth), Derek Bowls, Kelly Brown, Bob Case (JAV, sixth), Kevin Clegg, Guy Davey, Rick Duque (400IH, fourth), Don Garrison, Evan Glaser (800, third), Don Hilse (JAV, fourth), Stan Holman (SC, second; 5K, fourth) Tim Jacobson (JAV, fifth; HAM, third; DIS, second), Shawn Klingele, Dave Knight, Gary Knowlton (decathlon, sixth), Richard Merrill (SP, fourth), Chris Nolden, Matt Pool, James Poole, Jerry Pope (HJ, sixth; 400IH, fifth) Dave Ramsey, Todd Ray, Ben Robinson, Richard Tyrie (5K, third; 10K, third), Kyle Unland (HAM, fifth), and Jim Wilson (HJ, fifth). The 1600 relay team finished in third place. Assistant coaches were Gary Milton and Curt Ransford.

1985-86 Men's Track & Field team

1985-86 CCS Men's Track & Field teamThe 1985-86 CCS men’s track and field team won their 15th straight NWAACC championship with 216 points, trouncing second place Lane who had 129 points. It was the fourth championship in a row for head coach Duane Hartman. CCS NWAACC event champions were: Rich Tyrie (15K, 15:14.33; 10K, 31:45.1); Bill Ayears (LJ, 24'3 1/4"; 400 relay; TJ, third); Chuck Ballou (TJ, 47'9"; 400 relay; LJ, fourth); Paul Barrett (DIS, 157'11"; HAM, fourth); Richard Merrill (SP, 52'5"; HAM, third; DIS, fourth); Kyle Unland (HAM, 169'10"; DIS, third; JAV, sixth); Ron Fabien (400 relay; 400, second; 1600 relay, second); Tim Sullivan (400 relay; HJ, sixth; 100, second; 1600 relay, second). Other championship team members were Scott Bickar (SP, second), Jeff Brink, Dave Carroll, Bob Case, Kevin Clegg (SC, third), Bart Colburn, Vince Collins (800, third), Chad Dezellem (1600 relay, second), Rick Duque, Jim Hernandez (5K, third; 10K, third), Tim Jacobson (HAM, second; DIS, second), Phil Jesse (decathlon, fourth; LJ, second), Dave Knight, Gary Knowlton, Todd McAllister (HJ, second), Chris Morton, Marty Neihaus, Manuel Orozco, James Poole, Todd Ray, Rob Raymond (JAV, second), Willey Schimmels (TJ, sixth), Kenton Strehlou, Byron Tucker, Jim Wilson (400IH, sixth), and Hogan Wrixon (200, fifth; 1600 relay, second). Hartman was assisted by Curt Ransford, John Spatz and Vic Wallace.

1986-87 Men's Track & Field team

1986-87 CCS Men's Track & Field teamThe 1986-87 CCS men’s track and field team won the NWAACC championship with 151 points, edging out second-place Highline with 137 points. It was the 16th straight for Spokane and fifth in a row for Coach Hartman. CCS individual NWAACC event champions were: Joe Johnson (400, 49.27; 400 relay, second; 200, fifth), Vince Collins (800, 1:52.04; 1600 relay), Paul Barrett (DIS, 150'10"; HAM, 158’0”; JAV, fifth), Scott Bickar (SP, 50'10"), Dave Carroll (1600 relay; 800, second), Eric Lampkin (1600 relay; 800, fifth), Todd McAllister (1600 relay; HJ, second). Other championship team members were Tyrone Ashley (400, fifth; 200, sixth), Tony Brendgard, Jeff Brink, John Britton (SP, sixth), Galen Burnette, Tim Cloke (SC, second), Bart Colburn, Ivan Corley (400 relay, second; 100, third; 200, third), Ralph Field, Jim Hernandez, Neal Macomber (400 relay, second), Manuel Orozco, Rick Raymond, Rob Raymond (JAV, fourth), Reginald Reid, Willey Schimmels, Marlin Slattum, Tim Sullivan (400 relay, second), Byron Tucker (JAV, third), and Reggie Willis. The assistant coaches were Curt Ransford, John Spatz and Vic Wallace.

1987-88 Men's Track & Field team

1987-88 CCS Men's Track & Field teamThe 1987-88 CCS men’s track and field team won their 17th straight title for Spokane and sixth in a row for Coach Duane Hartman. Spokane scored 180 points in the meet at SCC, soundly beating second place Highline with 156 points. CCS individual NWAACC event champions were: Dan O’Brien (decathlon, 7275 pts; 100, 10.59; 110HH, 14.25; LJ, 24’6 ¼”; SP, 47’6 ¾”; DIS, second; 1600 relay, second), Joe Johnson (200, 22.01; 400 relay; 100, third; 1600 relay, second), Micah Ray (400, 48.16; 1600 relay, second), Neal Macomber (400 relay), Ron Pasquale (400 relay; 400, third; 200, eighth; 1600 relay, second), Ivan Corley (400 relay; 100, fourth; 200, second). Other team members were Tyrone Ashley, Cecil Bowie, Tony Brendgard (800, sixth), John Britton (HAM, sixth), Tim Cloke (SC, sixth), Ralph Field (1500, third), Toby Graff, Scot Hattenburg, Kelly Husband (5K, third; 10K, third), Roosevelt Jones, Shawn Kendall, Eric Lampkin (800, second), Andy Ledwich (800, fifth), Jon Maple (400IH, second), Kevin Moss, Mark Paulsen (SP, sixth), Mike Ramos, Rick Raymond (JAV, third), Reginald Reid, Dennis Remley, Bryan Schultz (5K, sixth; 10K, fifth), Marlin Slattum (110HH, sixth; 400IH, fifth), William Smith, Les Ulrick (HAM, fourth; DIS, fourth)and Jeff Wolfe. Coach Hartman’s assistant was Roy Givens.

1998-99 Men's Track & Field Team

The 1999 CCS Men’s Track and Field Team led by eight Division-1 athletes won the NWAACC Championship shattering a conference record with 204 team points. This is one of the largest margins of victory in NWAACC history with Mt Hood finishing second with 98 pts. CCS Event NWAACC Champions include: Decathlon (7008 pts)-Dusty Lane; 100m (10.36), 200m (20.96), 110mHH (14.37)-Dusty Lane; 1500m (4:02.80), 3000mST (9:21.80)-Jim Reed; 5000m (15:36.85), 10000m (32:08.85)-Brandon Hauver; LJ (24'3 1/4"), TJ (48'8 1/2")-Devion Tensley; HJ (6'11")-Tim Marks; JAV (207'6")-Ryan Gill; 400mRelay (41.90)-Earl Lee, Dusty Lane, Ryan Lackey, Pete Lopez; 1600mRelay (3:19.52)-Ryan Bergere, Pete Lopez, Seth Morris, and Dusty Lane. This team included 24 All-Americans and were 25-0 in scoring meets! The 1999 NWAACC Men’s Track and Field Coach of the Year Larry Beatty has ranked this team number one of his 13 NWAACC Championship teams. Assistant Coaches include, Claude DeFour, Jeff Simms, Robert Yates, Eric Allison, Dave Caldwell, Gary Baskett, Ryan Weidman, and Linda Lanker. The entire championship roster included Matt Allen, Ryan Bergere, James Berry, Rosario Blanco, Keith Carpenter, Matt Colyar, J.P. Currie, Mario Duke, Ernesto Espinoza, Ryan Gill, Jovan Harris, Brandon Hauver, Kevin Hughbanks, Matt Humann, Ryan Lackey, Dusty Lane (d), Earl Lee, Scott Limbach, Pete Lopez, Michael Lunsford, Nick Mangini, Tim Marks, Bryan McCarty, Casey McKeown, Seth Morris, Corbin Murphy, Earl Myers, Bryan Preuss, Jim Reed, Peter Rockefeller, Josh Roys, Steve Schneider, Shane Scroggie, Jason Stumph, Tim Stutzman, Justin Taylor, Devion Tensley, James Tomlin, Patrick Valisto, Nick Vollmer and Andrew Walton.

2005-06 Men's Track & Field Team

The 2006 Community Colleges of Spokane men’s track and field team was one of the best in Spokane’s rich track history. They won the NWAACC championship by scoring 287 points, beating a strong Lane team that ended up second with 242 points. Larry Beatty was named NWAACC Coach of the Year and his assistants were Erik Anderson, Eric Allison, Jason Cash, Ryan Coleman, Claude DeFour, Billy Grubbs, Linda Lanker, Sean McLachlan, Ryan Weidman, and Christina Werther. Eight sophomores transferred on to four-year colleges and continued their collegiate academic and track careers. Nine event winners helped lead Spokane to the title. They included: Deji Adebayo 100m (10.81), Rick Bogatay 1500m (3:57.50), Mark Currell 5k (15:15.66), Kyle Anderson 3000mST (9:36.26), Elvie Williams LJ (23’10”), Rashad Toussaint TJ (49’4 ½”), Seth Dawson DIS (146’2”), Jake Shanklin HAM (188’6”) and the 400mRelay (41.58) Kenny Keyes, Deji Adebayo, Dwayne Brewster and Elvie Williams. Other team members who helped CCS to the NWAACC championship were Kevin Blount, Eric Burck, Justin Carstensen, Cordero Cisneros, Marcus Dawkins, Marty Dawood, Kevin DeBell, Tyler Folk, Andrew Fuller, Kenny Gainey, Tasheen Garry, Ryan Guazzo, Shane Hampton, Blake Harmon, Matt Helgath, Marty Hodneland, Mat Jelley, Jose Juarez, Eric Lambert, Nate Lawton, Kevin Lemieux, Andrew Mapp, Scott McKenney, John Nave, Jaymes Powell, Anthony Ragsdale, Davis Richards, Alex Rutter, Kaleb Shields, Nick Siebert, Grant Silver, Jonathan Smith, Ben Somerlott, Corey Stephenson, Chris Taylor, Vance Taylor, Chad Thornton, Brandon Thorpe, Adam Togstad, Bron Tomeo, Jermaine Turner, Peter Voorhees, Erik Walter, Ian Weber, Ron Whitley, Shane Willems, and Tony Yeaw.

Hall of Fame - Men's Track and Field