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1968-69 SCC Football Team1968 Football Team

The 1968-69 SCC (later became Spokane Falls CC) football team won the WAACC league championship with an undefeated 8-0 record under the leadership of Head Coach Dwight Pool (d). It was only the second year of football at Spokane as the football program had just started in 1967. Coach Pool was assisted by coaches Tom Rassley (d), Mike Macaulay and Les Rurey. The 1968 Spartans were ranked 6th in the nation at the end of the year by the JC Grid-Wire magazine. They started their season by shutting out Grays Harbor 13-0 and followed that by thrashing Wenatchee 27-2. The Spartans sandwiched in close wins over Everett and CBC with big wins over Olympic and Grays Harbor. They ended their season by beating Yakima 28-0 in the league championship game after a close win over Shoreline 13-7. Ken Staninger was named Captain, Joe Jakubiak and Jim Gourley were selected as Most Inspirational, and Tim Reese was named the Defensive Player of the Year for the Spartans. SFCC had four players named to the WAACC All-Star Offensive First Team; Read Drexel (E), Rick Larsen (C), Ken Staninger (QB), and Roger Kuula (FB).  They had 3 players picked for the WACC Defensive First Team; Tim Reese (T), Eric Dahl (DB), and Jim Gourley (DB). In addition 4 players were also selected to the WAACC All-Conference Second Team; Dick Gagnon (E), Ted Powell (DL), Dave Juarez (DB), and Ray Hare (OL). Honorable Mention went to: Dave Schmedding (OL), Dan McDonald (OL), John Busch (FB), Don Rosselet (HB), Dave Reil (HB), Joe Jububiak (DB), Ernie Lewis (DL), and Fred Hare (d) (LB).

Rick Larsen (C) and Tim Reese (T) have also been selected for the NWAACC Hall of Fame in the individual athlete category. Read Drexel (OE), Rick Larsen (C), Ray Hare (OT), Ken Staninger (QB), Tim Reese (DT), Roger Kuula (FB), Fred Hare (LB), Larry Frank (OE), and Jim Gourley (DB) have all been elected to the Community College of Spokane Football Hall of Fame as individual athletes.

The team roster included: Doug Allinger (G), Ray Balzarini (C-G), John Barklay (B), Steve Bertelsen (E), Jerry Bock (T), Doug Borst (HB), Bob Bourgette (LG), Bob Buckley (HB), John Busch (FB), Rex Butler (HB), John Clift (E), Jim Coyne (RG), Tom Cropp (QB), Eric Dahl (S), Jerry Deaver (HB), Read Drexel (E), Rod Fiddick (HB), Larry Frank (E), Dick Gagnon (E), Jim Gourley (HB), Fred Hare (d)(LB), Ray Hare (LT), Joe Jakubiak (LE), Dan Jones (E), Dave Juarez (HB), Roger Kuula (FB), Ned Landt (RT), Rick Larsen (C), Ron Lehnerz (FB), Bob Leichner (E), Alton Leisle (HB), Ernie Lewis (T), Greg Lindsey (QB), David Linerud (T), Buddy Los Banos (QB), Howard (Ivar) Luhr (G), Dan McDonald (RG), Jim Mossman (LB), Pat Murphy (d)  (G), Jim Nichols (E), Dale Phillips (HB), Ted Powell (LG), Terry Pugh (T), Tim Reese (T), Dave Reil (RH), Jim Rew (C), Dan Robbins (HB), Don Rosselet (LH), Dave Schmedding (T), Tom Schultz (C), Dick Shaw (LB), Steve Smitherman (E), Ken Staninger (QB), Stan Strecker (G), Kelly Strothers (QB), Lou Strum (T), Dan Wakely (QB), and Larry Wright (E).

1973 SFCC Football Team1973 Football Team

The 1973 SFCC Football Team was named to the CCS Hall of Fame for their outstanding season in winning the NWAACC league championship with a 6-1 league record. They opened the season with a win over Walla Walla (30-25). They followed with wins over Clackamas (9-6) and Grays Harbor (34-13) before being tied by Everett (7-7). The Spartans lost to Mt. Hood (42-21) and then walloped defending champion CBC (35-0). They won three more in a row over Wenatchee (22-9), Yakima (41-8), and Olympia (29-9) to set up a rematch with Everett for the championship. The Spartans defeated Everett 7-3 in the championship game with a gutty goal line stand at the end of the fourth quarter as they finished the year with a 8-1-1 record. They were coached by Head Coach Dwight Pool and assistant coaches Les Rurey, Mike Macaulay and Scott Foxley.

Chad Wilhite was named Captain, Mike Welch MIP and John Richardson was named Defensive Player of the Year. The Spartans had four players named to the NWAACC first team. Dave Komar was selected to the NWAACC All Star offensive team as a halfback and was also named to the NJCAA All American team. Sam Reed was named to the First Team All NWAACC as an offensive tackle and Mike Connor and Gordon Elliot were picked for the defensive First Team.

Dave Komar (RB) has been selected for the 2012 NWAACC Hall of Fame in the individual athlete category. Ray Conner (G), Jim Hatch (RB), Dave Komar (RB), John Miller (T), Sam Read(T), John Richardson (DL), Mark Vincent (LB), and Jerry Walk(G) have all been elected into the Community Colleges of Spokane Football Hall of Fame.

The team roster included: Gerry Bassen(T), Marco Begovich(QB), Steve Bertogni(G), Milton Brown(HB), Bob Cardascia(G), Ron Chadwick (E), Roy Cheney(G), Wallace Chocklon(G), Mike Christianson(G), Mike Conner (DL), Ray Conner (G), Rey DeLago(E ), Gordon Elliot (DB), Doug Elliot(DB), Mike Farley(QB), Mark Fiero(G), Bob Fenton(HB), Jim Fisk(HB), John Flanagan (E), Mike Gariano(HB), Andy Gilmore(QB), Tim Gaebe(QB), Archie Grant(FB), Rayford Guice (E), Paul Gylling(DE), Leonard Hammond(E), Rich Hanson (HB), Jack Harris(HB), Jim Hatch (RB), Robert Jackson(E ), Otis Jordan (T), Arnie Kiil(LB), Dave Komar (HB), Jack Lamb(LB), Jeff Liddell(QB), Mark Madland (LB), Steve Marcki(HB), Jeff Marcum(QB), Lou Martucci(T), John Miller (T), Doug Miller (E), Gary Nolan(HB), Kevin Ottosen(C), Michael Palmer(HB), Nick Pease(G), Doug Peters (T), Mark Peterson(G), Jon Pettibon(HB), Ken Read(HB), Sam Read (T), John Richardson (G), Charles Roach(G), Joe Robinson(G), Gary Rollins(HB), Douglas Saty (C) , Greg Seiler(C), Jack Snedeker(G), Larry Snider(S), Bob Synder(T), Fred Tabron (HB), Moe Therrien(QB), Mark Vincent (FB), Jerry Walk (G), Dick Walker(HB), Carey Washington (HB), Mike Welch(C), Terry White(C), Bill Whitney(G), Don Whiton(E), Rick Wilcox (E), Chad Wilhite(C), Steve Wilson(G), and Barry Zanck (T).

1974-75 SFCC Football Team1974-75 SFCC Football Team

The 1974 SFCC football team was selected to the CCS Hall of Fame as they won the NWAACC title for the second year in a row. They were coached by Dwight Pool (d), who retired from college coaching at the end of the year. He was assisted by Les Rurey, Mike Macaulay and Scott Foxley. Coach Pool compiled an outstanding 52-21-1 record in his legendary eight-year career at Spokane Falls. The 1974 team finished with an 8-2 record as they recovered from a 0-2 start to win eight games in a row and the league title. They defeated Olympic 7-3 in the final game between the two division winners for the NWAACC football championship.

Jerry Walk was named captain, Rick Wilcox was MIP and John Richardson was selected Defensive Player of the Year for the second year in a row for the Spartans. SFCC had six players named to the NWAACC All Star first team at the end of the season. Jerry Walk (G) and Dave Komar (HB) were selected for the offense and John Richardson (L), Ray Conner (L), Mark Vincent (LB) and Mark Madland (LB) were voted to the first team defense by the league coaches. Dave Komar was selected first team offense for the second year in a row.

Dave Browning (E) and Dave Komar (RB) have been selected to the 2012 NWAACC Hall of Fame as individual athletes from the Community Colleges of Spokane. Ray Conner (L), John Richardson (DL), Dave Komar (RB), Dave Browning (E), Mark Vincent (LB), John Miller ((DT) Jerry Walk (G), and Dan Cozzetto (TE) have all been selected for the Community College of Spokane Football Hall of Fame.

The team roster includes: Jeff Armstrong (QB), David Browning (E), Ron Chadwick (E), Roy Chapman (G), Larry Chenoweth (HB), Ray Conner (G), Jim Costello (T), Dan Cozzetto (E), Scott Daiger (E), Mark Deerheim (C), Steve Delano (DHB), John DeLeo (QB), Chuck Diedrick (FB), John Flanagan (E), Melvin Frank (E), Rayford Guice (E), Rich Hanson (HB), Les Hegney (HB), Brian Hopkins (LB), Otis Jordan (T), Leo Kakalia (G), Mike Kimmel (FB), Dave Komar (HB), Kevin Love (HB), Mark Madland (LB), Grant Mathews (T), Gary McKechnie (G), John Miller (T), Doug Miller (E), Michael Murphy (T), Tom Nichols (E), Bill Noble (QB), Glen Norris (HB), Doug Peters (T), John Richardson (G), Douglas Saty (C), Greg Sevigny (HB), Mark Stillwell (QB), Fred Tabron (HB), Mark Vincent (FB), Jerry Walk (G), Brent Wanamaker (C), Carey Washington (HB), Rick Wilcox (E), Mike Williams (E), Sid Yost (FB), and Barry Zanck (T)