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2013-2014 Season Brochure
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2012-2013 Season Brochure
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The SCC Players are a combination of performances, courses, and activities presented for Spokane Community College as part of the Community Colleges of Spokane and for the community of Spokane. The goal of the club is to build a greater understanding of the human condition through film and theatre with events, performances, activities, and festivals while directly incorporating SCC students as the actors, crew members, filmmakers, and all other needed positions to create the activities. The club helps enrich the students' experiences through theatre and film arts as an avenue of expression, interpretation, and overall personal enrichment. While the primary goal is to create compelling and enjoyable theatrical and film productions, the club also participates in activities for communities of various ages and organizations.

If you are a student who is looking to explore the actor inside you, work backstage (lighting, costuming, make-up, sound design, set design or other crew activities) to gain confidence, to be a part of unique collaborative productions or you just want to have fun, joining the SCC Players is for you.

Come join the fun!

Adam C. Sharp
Theatre and Film Arts Instructor
Spokane Community College

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