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  • Tutoring in math, English, and a variety of classes offered at SCC is available from Tutoring Services, and computers are available for student use.
  • The Math Lab provides instruction in basic arithmetic and pre-algebra skills for students who might benefit from one-to-one instruction.
  • Counselors and instructors refer students to basic skills classes from Tutoring Services to work at their own pace on programs earning variable credit.
  • Tutorial services are provided for students currently registered in any mathematics course on campus.

For more information.... For more information:
Contact: Janet MacKenzie, Science and Mathematics Building Secretary
Email: JMacKenzie@scc.spokane.edu
Phone: (509) 533-7234 or
(800) 248-5644 ext. 7234


All course offerings are subject to change. The college cannot guarantee class offerings, designated times or specific instructors - as funding levels and student interest may affect whether or not an offering is available.

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Course Title Credits
MATH 20Mathematics Center 1 1.0-5.0
MATH 21Developmental Math 5.0
MATH 30Introduction to Texas Instruments Calculators 1.0
MATH 87Algebra for Math Literacy I 5.0
MATH 88Algebra for Math Literacy II 5.0
MATH 89Math Prep for the Sciences 1.0
MATH 91Elementary Algebra I 5.0
MATH 92Elementary Algebra II 5.0
MATH 95Mathematics Center 2 1.0-5.0
MATH 96Introductory Algebra 5.0
MATH 97Intermediate Algebra: A Modeling Approach 5.0
MATH 99Intermediate Algebra 5.0
MATH 100Vocational Technical Mathematics 1.0-6.0
MATH& 107Math in Society 5.0
MATH 108College Algebra 3.0
MATH& 141Precalculus I 5.0
MATH& 142Precalculus II 5.0
MATH& 146Introduction to Stats 5.0
MATH& 148Business Calculus 5.0
MATH& 151Calculus I 5.0
MATH& 152Calculus II 5.0
MATH& 153Calculus III 5.0
MATH 201Introduction to Finite Mathematics 5.0
MATH 211Mathematics for Elementary Education I 5.0
MATH 212Mathematics for Elementary Education II 5.0
MATH 220Elementary Linear Algebra 5.0
MATH 245Discrete Mathematics 5.0
MATH& 254Calculus IV 5.0
Web Faculty/Staff Phone Office Email
  Atkison, Paula; Faculty (509) 533-8418 027-0132 Paula.Atkison@scc.spokane.edu
  Bjerke, Joy; Faculty (509) 533-8915 027-0119 Joy.Bjerke@scc.spokane.edu
  Buglione, Kory; Instructor (509) 533-8217 027-0118 Kory.Buglione@scc.spokane.edu
Mathematics Cosner, Rebecca; Faculty (509) 533-7381 027-0126 Rebecca.Cosner@scc.spokane.edu
  Dimick, Susan; Faculty (509) 533-7239 027-0127 Susan.Dimick@scc.spokane.edu
  Duvernay, Nicole; Faculty (509) 533-7379 027-0128 Nicole.Duvernay@scc.spokane.edu
  Freudenthal, Jacque; Faculty (509) 533-8205 027-0122 Jacque.Freudenthal@scc.spokane.edu
  Humphrey, Kristin; Faculty (509) 533-7385 027-0124 Kristin.Humphrey@scc.spokane.edu
  Jahns, Angela; Faculty (509) 533-8825 027-0129 Angela.Jahns@scc.spokane.edu
  Jahns, Kelly; Faculty (509) 533-8050 027-0121 Kelly.Jahns@scc.spokane.edu
  King, Ben; Math Faculty (509) 533-8917 027-0131 Ben.King@scc.spokane.edu
  Krone, Joshua; Faculty (509) 533-8394 027-0124 Joshua.Krone@scc.spokane.edu
Mathematics Nemri, Kamilia; Faculty (509) 533-8029 027-0130 Kamilia.Nemri@scc.spokane.edu
  Pettit, Joe; Faculty (509) 533-7472 027-0117 Joe.Pettit@scc.spokane.edu
  Ray, Margie; Faculty (509) 533-8404 027-0118 Margie.Ray@scc.spokane.edu
  Satake, Scott; Faculty (509) 533-7377 027-0120 Scott.Satake@scc.spokane.edu
  Scott, Craig; Faculty (509) 533-8916 027-0117 Craig.Scott@scc.spokane.edu
  Solheim, Zachery; Instructor (509) 533-8607 027-0135 Zachery.Solheim@scc.spokane.edu
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Browse additional programs in the CCS Online Catalog.
Browse additional programs in the CCS Online Catalog.