SCC Policies

Sex Offender Registry

The federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act enacted on October 28, 2000 requires all colleges to issue a statement advising the campus community where information on registered sex offenders who are employed, enrolled, or volunteering at this institution can be obtained.

Sex Offender Notification

Sex offenders (includes kidnappers), Level I, II, and III, are required by law to register with the county sheriff in the county where they reside. The law requires that they also inform the county sheriff if they register for school. The county sheriff, in turn, is required to notify the school. These notifications are intended to inform rather than create panic.

CCS is bound by state law to be an open door admission institution and only those situations where a prospective or enrolled student is determined to be disruptive to the educational environment or would not benefit from enrollment will admission be denied or revoked.

Individuals convicted of sex or kidnapping offenses are required to self-disclose such status to the Chief Student Services Officer prior to admission as a condition of enrollment. Failure to comply may be grounds for denial of admission or expulsion from CCS.

Notifications of sex offenders enrolling in Community Colleges of Spokane are received from the Spokane County Sheriff's department and are sent to the campus vice presidents for student services where they are placed in binders and are available for viewing. Notifications are also published in the campus newspapers. The campus VPs make decisions based on the offender's profile regarding restrictions, if any, which may be imposed on this student.

Locations of Sex Offender Notification Binders

  • Vice President of Student Services
    Lair (Bldg. 6)
  • Aquatics Center
    Director's Office (Bldg. 5)
  • Bigfoot Head Start Childcare Center
    Director's Office (Bldg. 20)
  • Office of Campus Safety
    Safety Sergeant (Bldg. 1)
  • Learning Resources Center / Library
    Library Services Dean's Office (Bldg. 16)
  • Student Center - Lair
    Student Activities Office (Bldg. 6)
  • Student Services
    Student Services Dean's Office (Bldg. 15)
  • Technical Education
    Technical Education Dean’s Office (Bldg. 28)

More Information

Updated September 21, 2011

Smoking Restrictions on Campus

Smoking on SCC campus is limited to designated smoking areas only.

Smoking in any other part of the campus property is prohibited.

The designated smoking areas, marked with a star on map below, are:

  • East side of Building 1 (painted area around smoking shelter)
  • North side of Building 1 (painted area around smoking shelter)
  • Between the LRC and the Lair (painted area around smoking shelter)
  • West side of Max Snyder Building
  • Northwest area in center campus circle
  • North of Heavy Equipment Building (Building 19)
  • Northeast corner of Stannard Technical Education Building
  • South side of Automotive Building
  • Northwest area of Livingston Building

We appreciate your support and compliance.

Campus Map - Designated Smoking Areas

Addressing Student Concerns

It is the belief and practice at Spokane Community College that the best way for students to solve problems is to first meet with the instructor or staff member involved and attempt to resolve the problem. This is an informal process, requiring no paperwork or forms. Students engage in this form of problem solving every day with a great deal of success. This process is detailed in the CCS Guidelines for Addressing Student Concerns (PDF).

In some instances, resolution is not possible at this level. In these cases, after all three steps of the informal process have been followed, students may choose to initiate a more formal process of review. The Formal Process for Addressing Student Concerns is initiated only after a student has been unsuccessful in resolving the issue of concern at the informal level. If the concern warrants formal action, the student will be asked to submit the concern in writing to the appropriate administrator. The employee involved will be notified in writing within ten (10) working days that a complaint has been received, and the appropriate bargaining unit procedures for addressing such matters will be followed. Forms are available through the office of the appropriate administrator. Note: Issues involving alleged harassment do not follow this process, but must be reported directly to an administrator.

The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies.

Vice President
Student Services
Spokane Community College