Work Study

new 2017/18 Work-Study Wait List is now open. See staff at the financial aid desk for information on how to sign up for the wait list, if you are not already awarded.

What is Work Study?

Work Study Office
Phone Number:
(509) 533-7031

Work study is a program that provides the opportunity for students, age 18 or older, to earn money while gaining work experience. It can provide some regular monthly income to help offset educational expenses and reduce loan debt.

Work-Study is a need-based financial aid award. You must apply (and be determined eligible) for financial aid to receive work-study. Funding is awarded to eligible students on a first-come, first-served basis. Students who are not awarded work-study as a part of their financial aid may sign up on a wait list. See the staff at financial aid desk for more information. Work study is not a grant. You must work to earn it.

Spokane Community College offers both federal and state work study. Federal work study is generally awarded to students entering or completing their first year. State work study is typically awarded to second-year students who are placed in jobs requiring high skill levels. Jobs are located both on and off campus. Because both federal and state work study funds are limited, many eligible students cannot be initially funded.

Institutional student employment is for students who are not eligible through financial aid but are paid through department budgets for special skills needed by the department.

Athletic work study is awarded to athletes through the Athletic Department. Check with your coach to see if you are eligible.

International work study is limited to international students. This type of work study employment is on-campus only and must be authorized through the International Student Office.

Work study workshops cover:

  • The goals of student work programs
  • Policies and procedures for students
  • The referral process
  • Monitoring earnings/hours
  • Time sheets
  • Terminations
  • Working breaks
  • Standards of academic achievement
  • Satisfactory Academic Policy

ALL students who receive their award letter MUST attend one of the workshops offered if you are accepting your award. If you are not awarded work study in initial awarding, and you have checked that you are interested in work study on your FAFSA, you must contact the Work Study Office to be placed on a waiting list to be used in the event that funds become available.

Failure to attend a workshop or contact the Work Study Office will result in the loss of your work study award for the academic year. If you lose your work study eligibility you may contact the Work Study Office to be placed on a waiting list for "first come, first served" funding in the event funds become available.

On-Campus Jobs

Working on campus is a great option for students because Spokane Community College's supervisors can provide more flexibility with work schedules. Transportation and travel time are seldom a problem.

Spokane Community College employs student workers in various types of jobs. Students work in our food service, library, security office, computer labs, fitness center, individual faculty offices and a variety of departments and offices across campus.

Spokane Community College is an equal opportunity employer and educational institution and does not discriminate in its programs, services and activities on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, age, veteran status or any other non-merit factor.

Off-Campus Jobs

Students may become employees of off campus employers who contract with Spokane Community College. Placement is generally based on program benefits to the students and employer needs. Priority is given to students seeking high skill level positions that relate to their major course of study.

Because funds are limited for each type of work study, we are not able to fully meet the needs of all students. In consideration for the student, employer and institution the above priorities have been established to provide the fairest overall service.

Community Service Jobs

Spokane Community College encourages students who are eligible for work study to seek jobs that perform a community service. The Student Employment Office has jobs available with community service and literacy agencies for students interested in placement in those jobs.

Examples of community service placements include providing services or activities in the fields of: health care, literary training, education (including tutoring) welfare, social services, transportation, housing, public safety, crime prevention and control, recreation, rural development and community improvement.

  • You MUST maintain at least half-time enrollment (6 credits for work study). If you graduate, withdraw, are dismissed by the college, or drop below halftime enrollment at any point in the term, you are no longer eligible to work under these programs. Students on Financial Aid Hold may not work until their hold is removed.
  • You CANNOT begin work until all payroll documents have been completed and you have returned the completed and signed Certificate of Eligibility form.
  • While enrolled in classes, you MAY NOT exceed a weekly average of 19 hours per week. A work week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Both the student and supervisors are responsible for monitoring hours worked.
  • You MAY NOT earn more than your quarterly award. (The average hours per week is listed on your Certificate of Eligibility.) Once you have earned your full award, you MUST stop working unless the department provides the Work Study Office with a budget number prior to continuing work.
  • If you work multiple jobs or work as a work study student and institutional student employee, you cannot exceed the average weekly 19 hours when totaling all timesheets. If a student exceeds the average 19 hours per week for two (2) consecutive pay periods, that student may lose work study and institutional student employment eligibility .
  • Work study students may be permitted to work during school breaks if funding is available and if approved by the Student Employment Office.
  • **You must keep an accurate record of hours worked on your timesheet. Any falsification is grounds for immediate termination and sanction from all further work study at Spokane Community College.**
  • If you will be absent from work for an extended period (2 weeks or more) without making prior arrangements with your supervisor AND notifying the Work Study Office, your employment may be terminated and your Work Study award may be canceled.
  • You are required to submit your timesheet by the last working day of the month.
  • Paychecks will be paid eith4er by direct deposit or mail to the student home address
  • You are not allowed to hold timesheets from month to month and submit multiple timesheets for prior months. Federal regulations prohibit students from working during their scheduled class times. You should provide a copy of your class schedule to your supervisor each term and arrange a work schedule that does not conflict with your classes.
  • Quarterly work study awards will not carry forward to future quarters; i.e. unused fall awards may not be used winter quarter. Awards may not be used in advance.
  • Any student who falsifies timesheets, misuses college equipment or supplies, or commits any other serious infraction or violation listed under WAC 132X - 60 - 90 of the Standards of Conduct for Students will be subject to disciplinary action by the appropriate campus authority as stated under WAC 132x - 60 - 100 Initial Disciplinary Proceedings of the Standards of Conduct for Students. Students who have been proven to have engaged in such conduct may expect serious consequences, including prosecution and/or termination from all work study programs.
  • The college is committed to assisting students with meeting their financial needs and giving students the opportunity to gain worthwhile job experience that will enhance their opportunities to gain full-time employment once they complete their programs. As a student worker, you are expected to do your best to be a good employee. This means coming to work on time, working your scheduled hours, notifying your supervisor if you will not be able to work, and completing assigned tasks in a satisfactory manner.
  • You are not paid to study. In order to receive any work study funds, YOU MUST WORK and report your hours each pay period as directed by your supervisor.
  • The intent of the college is to treat student workers comparable to regular employees. The expectation of the college is student workers will treat supervisors as "real" employers.

Guidelines for Job Success

  • THESE ARE REAL JOBS. Maintaining confidentiality is mandatory.
  • Some positions have dress codes and specific codes of conduct. Dress and grooming are important. Short shorts, tank/halter tops, and torn/faded clothes are usually not acceptable. Check with your supervisor for specific dress codes.
  • Cell phones are disruptive. Please turn your cell phone off while at work. You may return calls on your breaks. Check with your supervisor for a telephone number in case of emergency.
  • All computer usage must comply with Spokane Community College's policies. Personal email while at work is NOT allowed.
  • Attitude is important! Work cooperatively with others. Most people lose jobs because of an inability to get along with others. Good working relationships are the key to success.
  • Discuss job-related problems with your supervisor. Dealing with the problem early to resolve it rather than letting the problem get out of control is always recommended.
  • Students wishing summer quarter work must have completed the FAFSA application by the Financial Aid Deadline for the current academic year.
  • Currently employed work study students wanting to work during summer quarter must be requested by their supervisor.
  • Summer work study awards are based on financial aid eligibility and first come, first served priority.
  • You are not required to enroll summer quarter to be eligible for work study. Please be sure and check in with the Work Study Office regarding potential impact on your financial aid for the following academic year.
  • If you do not enroll summer quarter and continue to work as a student employee, you MUST sign an "Affidavit of Intent to Register" for fall quarter.