What is a Withdrawal?

When you remove yourself from all classes in a quarter, you have withdrawn from the quarter. It does not matter if you withdraw using CCS's official withdrawal form or if you use the web drop function on SCC's website – both are considered “official” withdrawals.

If you stop attending, do not withdraw, and earn all 0 or Z grades for the quarter, you are considered an "unofficial" withdrawal.

Both types of withdrawals are subject to federal and state regulations regarding the returns of unearned funds received.

If you attended, we are required to determine how much aid you earned and you will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension status http://www.scc.spokane.edu/Admissions/FinancialAid/SAPP.aspx even if you have not yet been awarded.

What if I Withdraw?

Federal and state laws require that a student must earn the aid that they receive. When a student withdraws from school, SCC is required to determine the amount “earned” using calculations set by the federal and state governments. These calculations are based on the number of days the student attended divided by the number of days in the term for which the aid was disbursed.

  • The unearned portion of the tuition will be returned to the appropriate Title IV program. The college will then bill the student for the amount of tuition that was returned in excess of the SCC refund policy.
  • The unearned portion of the aid that was disbursed directly to the student will also be calculated. If applicable, the student will owe repayment to the Title IV programs. The student will receive an overpayment letter and will be given 45 days from the date of the letter to make payment arrangements. If no payment arrangement is made, the student becomes ineligible for further federal or state aid and the debt will be referred to the appropriate agencies for collection.

Where is My Refund

Refunds for students who do not have financial aid will be issued according to SCC's refund policy as stated on CCS's General Information webpage

Students with federal aid might not receive a refund. Financial Aid will calculate unearned financial aid using federal and state formulas. Unearned financial aid will be returned to the federal program in the following order:

  • Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan Program
  • Subsidized Federal Direct Loan Program
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Academic Competitiveness Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant
  • Other programs providing aid

If the refund exceeds what must be returned to the federal program, the remaining balance is refunded to the student.

Post-withdrawal Disbursements

If you did not receive all the funds you earned, you may be entitled to a post-withdrawal disbursement. This will be determined with the Return of Title IV calculation, and you will automatically be sent the disbursement.

The following amounts will be used in the calculations:

Disbursed prior to withdrawal
  • $1,850 Pell Grant
  • $1,075 Unsubsidized Loan
  • $1,609 Subsidized Loan

  • Total: $4,534
Step 1: Proration to determine financial aid earned
  • There are 46 days in the quarter. You withdrew on the second day of the quarter.
  • 2 / 46 = 4.3% is the percentage of financial aid you earned by attending 2 days
Step 2: Amount of aid earned based on proration above
  • You received $4,534 in aid
  • $4,534 x 4.3% = $194.96 is the amount of financial aid you earned for two days of attendance
Step 3: Calculation of aid to be returned by the SCHOOL

Calculation 1
  • Of the $4,534, you were eligible to receive $194.96
  • $4,534 – 194.96 = $4,339.04 unearned aid to be returned to the specified federal programs
Calculation 2
  • Your tuition was $1,151.48; you earned 4.3% of that. 95.7% was unearned.
  • $1,151.48 x 95.7% = 1,101.97 amount of the school must return to the specified federal programs
Regulations require the school to return the lesser of Calculation 1 and Calculation 2
  • Calculation 2 is less than calculation 1, so $1,102 (rounded up from $1,101.97) was returned to your Unsubsidized loan (Unsubsidized is always returned first)
Step 4: Calculation of aid to be returned by the STUDENT:

This looks at unearned aid (Step 3, Calculation 1) and the amount the school is returning (Step 3, Calculation 2) to determine what the student must return from the funds he or she received.

Unearned aid
$4,339.04 (Calculation 1) - $1,101.97 (Calculation 2) = $3,237.07 unearned aid


  • $2,684 (disbursed from loans to student) – $1,101.97 (amount the school is returning) = $1,582.03 amount of loans the student must repay (subject to when student loans go into repayment)
  • $3,237.07 unearned aid – $1,582.03 loans the student is responsible for = $1,655.04 unearned aid remaining
Federal Grants
  • $1,850 Pell Grant received x 50% grant protection = $925
  • $1,655.04 unearned aid remaining - $925 = $730.04 amount of Pell Grant for student to return (rounded to $730)

Payment of credit balance versus Tuition Repayment Owed to College

If you withdrew in the school's 100% refund period
  • Your tuition was $1,151.48. We returned $1,102 of your tuition to your student loans.
  • $1,151.48 – $1,102.00 = $49.48 remaining tuition to be refunded (credit balance)
  • $730.00 – $49.48 credit balance applied to Pell Grant repayment owed
    = $680.52 total Pell repayment owed
If you withdrew in the school's 50% refund period
  • Your tuition was $1,151.48, including the Registration fee of $10.00, which is nonrefundable after the 100% refund period ends
    • $1,151.48 - $10.00 = $1,141.48
  • Since you withdrew in the 50% refund period, we use half of the tuition subtracted from what we were required to return to federal funding
    • $1,102.00 – ($1,141.48 x 50% = $570.74) = $531.26 total tuition repayment owed