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Students walking across the SCC campus. Students walking across the SCC campus.


In today’s highly technological world, we are surrounded by electronics: from GPS navigation to smart phones to coffee makers. If you wonder how this technology works, a career in this field may be right for you.

In our electronics programs, you’ll learn how to build, test, troubleshoot, service and repair complex electronic systems. Courses explore AC and DC circuit math, analysis and measurements, the fundamentals of semiconductors, amplifiers, digital and linear circuits, and microprocessors. You’ll also use modern test equipment and computers in our newly refurbished lab to conduct hands-on circuit experiments and work on real-life industry projects. 

Whether you are interested in household technologies or sophisticated aviation systems, this program will help you gain specialized training and skills for success in the ever-changing electronics industry.

Electrical Maintenance
& Automation

Learn to maintain, test, repair and replace electrical systems and controls found in modern industrial plants and large commercial buildings.  

Electronics Engineering

Learn to troubleshoot, service and repair microcomputer-basedelectronic equipment found in radio systems, aircraft instruments, personal computers and mobile devices, and much more.

Electrical Trainee

Gain skills for acareer as a sales associate in the electrical industry or continue to develop your electrical skills through on-the-job work experience. 

Biomedical Equipment

Receive training on installing, calibrating, maintaining and repairing sophisticated medical equipment.